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Prior to getting a coach, I struggled trying to figure everything out on my own. Coaching taught me how to treat my speaking like a business, it helped me earn thousands more in the first year alone, and it led to a lifetime of knowledge. The first speaking gig I received paid for the coaching!

If you desire more in your speaking, or you are unsure where to start and need someone to help make the path clear, see my coaching options below. STOP struggling ... START speaking! I've been where you are and I'll help you build your business.

Coaching Services for Speakers

One-on-one coaching allows for personal review of your work, feedback of your speaking materials, specific guidance for your paid target industries, suggestions on your speaking business, and much, much more! I provide 3-hour coaching bundles as well as a full comprehensive coaching program with numerous additional incentives.  

Quarterly, I host a group coaching program that guides you through the proven PAID to SPEAK model. You'll start and stop alongside other aspiring speakers in a cohort group coaching frame. You'll benefit from having peer support and accountability and learn from others. Inquire with me when the next cohort starts!

Held once a year, the PAID to SPEAK Academy is a one(1)-day seminar event leading you through the entire process for developing a successful speaking business. You'll get exposure to not just the fundamentals of developing a speaking business in one day, but you'll learn secrets and tips in a face-to-face format with others. 

Desire to speak on the TED or TEDx stage? My TEDx video catapulted my speaking business. I've been a speaker for TEDx, served as a Speaker Coach for many other TEDx events, and even been head organizer for TEDxRaleigh. In my TEDx coaching, I'll guide you not only to get the opportunity, but also prepare you to crush it!

The PAID to SPEAK Online Course is a self-paced program leading you through the PAID to SPEAK modules. Watch the video tutorials when, where, and how often you want. Alongside videos, you'll have tip sheets and downloadable documents guiding you like a personal coach. This online course is ideal for those on a limited budget starting off.

All Coaching Options Include ...

* Crafting your signature story

* Learning my business model

* 1-on-1 time with me

* My review of your materials

* Access to my templates

* Learning what organizers need

* Guidance on your marketing

* How to go from FREE to FEE

* ... ask anything you want!

* Identify 5+ target groups

Contact me for a complimentary call to customize a coaching program specifically for you, your budget and your goals.

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Have an upcoming "high stakes" speech and want to make the most of it to ensure spin-off speaking business? I provide "Speech Reviews" at an hourly coaching rate where I help you prepare properly and deliver an upcoming presentation.

Speaker Assessments are ideal for anyone who is not getting consistent speaking gigs. I'll review all your material and share constructive ideas from a meeting planner perspective!

Speaker Assessments include my review of ...

* your marketing materials

* your speech outline

* your website and video

After my review of all your speaking materials, I'll provide a written assessment and include recommendations and samples showing you how to book more speaking business. You'll also receive a complimentary coaching call to discuss my recommendations.

* your outreach emails

* your proposals and contracts

* ... anything you'd like feedback on!

Only $499

... a small investment in your business to make thousands more each contract!

Note: Don't have these items above? Consider coaching to help you develop them! 
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