Our Mission:

To provide virtual speaking practice opportunities to teach, empower and guide members in building effective presenting skills and earning PAID speaking engagements. 

Benefits of

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters: 

   1.  Membership with other like-minded speakers serious about growing their speaking businesses

   2.  Open to all levels and types of speakers

   3.   Speaking practice opportunities + additional speaking opportunities

   4.  Receive group feedback to strengthen speeches

   5.  Hear and learn from feedback given to others

   6.  Access to private Facebook page to engage with other members and request/share feedback

   7.  Receive 50 FREE speaking leads from the PAID Event Database

Practice does NOT make perfect if you're not practicing the right way.  This club provides you with safe, constructive practice opportunities to help you drastically improve your virtual speaking abilities.

Watch the recording of our Info Session to determine whether this Club is a fit for you and your speaking goals.  We are an open Club but we have a unique and targeted focus!

We are not a fit for you unless you desire to treat your speaking seriously, respectfully.

Only the first 20 charter members receive $100 OFF membership dues in perpetuity.

See Membership Criteria below for details.

See below for details on the club OR click here to download the club info sheet

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters is a new, prospective Toastmasters club seeking to charter.  20 members are required in order for our club to be approved by Toastmasters Int'l.


Membership Criteria

Our members can be new Toastmasters or members of an existing club. We welcome everyone with a desire to improve their speaking. Members are not limited to speaking experience or speaking topic. We recognize professional speaking can include keynote speaking, seminar training, online courses and workshop facilitation. However, our ideal member is someone who meets these criteria below:

  1. Ambition to become a paid professional speaker whether part-time, full-time or on the side

  2. Desire to present in front of audiences both in-person and virtually

  3. Passionate about acquiring the knowledge to build a speaking business

  4. Disciplined to apply that knowledge with focused goals

  5. Coachable and always willing to learn, improve and share.

    * Special note for current Toastmasters:

In order for our club to charter, 20 members are required and 17 of those members must be either (a) brand new members, (b) members rejoining after a membership lapse or (c) current members of another

club willing to transfer home club membership to our club. If you are currently a member of another club, you can have dual enrollment in our Club but to join for $150 you must transfer home club status. Otherwise, your dues will be $250.


Speaking Professionally Toastmasters is an open Toastmasters club comprised of members serious about building a speaking business and getting paid to speak. Our weekly meetings kick off with an educational speaking tip. That tip is the theme, or focus, of the meeting and the speakers for that day are demonstrating and practicing how they integrate that speaking tip in their speech segment. Speakers present a 5-10 minute speech. Following each speaker, members provide invaluable group feedback constructive to the speaker. Guests are welcome for one meeting and RSVP required.


Member Benefits

In addition to a monthly virtual meeting, members will also have access to our private Facebook group to engage with other members, partner with other members, post videos to request feedback, share feedback, share speaking opportunities, and much more. The first 20 charter members will also receive 50 speaking leads provided by Kevin’s PAID Event Database.


Meeting time/date (prospective)

  • Monthly, first Tuesday of each month (unless alternative preferred time is suggested by charter members)

  • 12pm – 1:30pm (or another 90 minute time block as indicated by chartering members)

  • Additional engagement encouraged in private Facebook group in between meetings to share speech videos and provide feedback, submit Call for Speakers announcements, trainings, etc.

Club meeting format

  • First 5 minutes:  5/5:  Welcome and Introductions

  • 15/20:  Presentation on speaking business topic  (see membership application for sample topic titles)

  • 65/85:  Speakers and round-robin group feedback  (estimated 5-6 speakers per meeting)

  • 5/90:  Meeting close, Q&C, Announcements 


Meeting location

  • Virtually via Zoom


Membership process


Membership dues

  • Dues are $150 every 3 months for first 20 charter members who meet criteria

  • After 20th member, dues are $250 every 3 months

  • Dues payments include Pro Zoom group account, access to 50 speaking leads in PAID Event Database, access to online speaker resources, access to a wide variety of other educational content, Toastmasters fees, and any admin-related fees.

  • For every speaker you refer, you receive $75 in PAID to $PEAK credit!


Contact info

For more information, please contact Kevin Snyder:


After your membership application is reviewed, you will be notified about membership status and sent an invoice to pay initial dues.

A New Member Orientation event will be scheduled for mid-October to welcome all members and confirm scheduling for future meeting dates!

CONGRATULATIONS for taking your speaking to the next level.  

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