Video recording 


Watch the video below for a recording of "LIVE interview and Q&A with a Speakers Agent." You'll hear important takeaways from a Speakers Agent perspective, planning committees, and speakers about building a successful speaking business.

To download Kevin's "Speaking Business Checklist" which helps you know what meeting planners, event organizers, and agents need to hire speakers, click here.


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Other recommendations and resources to help you build, launch and grow a successful speaking business:


1. The Book, PAID to $PEAK! - a speaker blueprint

Click here to purchase a copy of PAID to $PEAK which was re-published and newly revised in 2020. PAID to $PEAK became a #1 New Release on Amazon.  Purchase your copy through the Amazon Seller named "Passion Project" and you receive a complimentary Strategy Session with Kevin after reading the book - value $250! See inside book for details. 


2. The Vault 

The Vault contains templates, checklists and samples of everything Kevin uses in his own speaking business.  Especially now with virtual programs and Force Majeure contracts that might cost you losing your speaking deposit and the engagement, model yours after Kevin's.  He's already saved over $20,000 in speaking engagement cancellations and postponements with his speaking contract language and terms.  You also have access to his "Association Directory" providing you with contacts and names for over 2,000 association executives, TEDx speaker application, demo video storyboard, speaker proposals, phone scripts, access to two coaching calls, etc.  There is over $20,000 in resources inside The Vault. Click here for details.  (note: The Vault is included in Kevin's coaching program)

3. Speaker Mastermind Group

Envision being connected with a group of other speakers in various backgrounds serious like you about building a speaking business.  You'll have the opportunity for an accountability partner/group and engaging with others to ask for feedback, share resources, hear about speaking opportunities, receive Call for Speakers announcements, and much more.  Kevin also has a monthly Q&A and video webinar. You'll benefit from two sessions with Kevin directly in this group format.  Click here for details.  (note: The Speaker Mastermind Group is included in Kevin's coaching program)

4. TEDx Speaker Coaching

Ever desired to get on the TEDx stage and speak?  Know how to find and submit TEDx speaking opportunities?  Kevin has been a TEDx speaker, served as a Speaker Coach for several TEDx events, and has Curated TEDxRaleigh.  He knows how to find TEDx speaking opportunities, how to submit an application, and how to prepare accordingly.  Your TEDx speech should be your absolute best demo video fro your speaking business! Click here for details on Kevin's TEDx Speaker Coaching.  (note: TEDx Speaker Coaching is included in Kevin's coaching program)

5. Individual and Group Coaching

The greatest athletes have coaches.  Coaching helps guide, motivate, and push people to heightened and accelerated levels of achievement.  Coaching also ensures things get done the right way and in a faster pace.  Whether you seek 1:1 individualized or group format coaching, Kevin has several coaching options and does his absolute best to work with payment plans and customize coaching programs to work with budgets.  Click here for details.

6. Mentorship

Mentorship is different than coaching.  Click here for Kevin's explanation and mentorship options.  In short, Kevin's mentorship program is for speakers who seek a trusted and experienced advisor for ideas, support and continued development.  Mentorship is generally more informal and on an as-needed basis required by the mentee.  Coaching is more short term where Kevin guides people through his PAID to $PEAK process and helps them set up their speaking business behind-the-scenes. Coaching is more structured with regularly scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

7. Need help with a speech inquiry or preparing for an upcoming speech? 

Kevin can also help you respond to a speech inquiry to ensure your speaking fee is maximized!  He can also help you prepare for an upcoming speech to ensure you have the best speech that will improve your ability for spin-off speaking opportunities and referrals.  Click here if you have a specific request about an inquiry or upcoming speech.

Not sure which coaching option is the best for you?  Have a limited budget?  kevin understands!  Schedule a complimentary session with Kevin to focus on your goals and needs.  He will recommend which service or coaching program is the best fit to help you reach your goals quickly!  Click here for details.

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