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Virtual Studio Demo with Stan Phelps (PLUS a list of all my equipment with links!)

Updated: Jul 4

I credit Stan Phelps, CSP, with motivating me and pioneering how a virtual studio should look for professional speakers and trainers. I've been watching Stan for months and his studio design inspired mine.

Stan and I recently went "Facebook LIVE" to demo our virtual studios and give you a behind-the-scenes tour. As simple as our studios "might" look, both have literally taken months to figure out, plan, set up, and make all sorts of adjustments! Some of the equipment we use is now on back order and the demand will only get more significant, SO YOU NEED TO GET THIS EQUIPMENT NOW!

Underneath the video below, I'm itemizing everything I purchased and providing links so you know exactly what I have. #YouAreWelcome ;)

NOTE: I had NO KNOWLEDGE of any of this equipment 3 months ago. My learning curve was HUGE. It was overwhelming. I nearly gave up. You don't need to make the same mistakes as I did.

For anyone who presents as a profession, setting up a virtual studio is a MUST! There are all sorts of levels and budgets to consider, but if you like Stan or my set up's, see my equipment list below!

Think about what it will cost you NOT having the proper set up. Think about all the speaking engagements you WON'T get selected for because you don't have a virtual studio.

My virtual studio has already PAID for itself ... and we're just getting started virtually! Virtual is here to stay folks.

Click here or the image below to visit my Facebook page and watch our "Facebook LIVE" episode!


* Sony A6400 digital camera

(one of the only digital cameras that records continuously. All other cameras shut down after 20-30 minutes because they were designed to be digital PHOTO cameras and are not designed to record video continuously. Yes they can record video, but you'll be limited to 20-30 minutes at most. GET THE SONY! It's the best at the MOST AFFORDABLE price!)

* GoPro HERO7 Black

(only get black - not Silver! I bought Silver but took it back because it doesn't HDMI out correctly.)


* Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Switcher (what Stan is using)

(I have the Pro version which allows you to record and multi-view) (ATEM Mini)

* Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini PRO Switcher (what I'm using)

(this allows me to record AND it has multi-view out ... worth the extra $300!!)


* Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone

(folks, I recorded 2 audiobooks with this microphone and use it for all my speeches. You will need a SHOTGUN microphone so it only pics up your voice. In the video you didn't hear my baby crying in the room next door because of this Sennheiser microphone. It's beyond worth the investment.)


* Softbox Lighting Kit

(I have 2 of these!)

* LED Strip Lights

(If you like my blue glow behind the television, get these! They change to any color you want!)

* Ring Light with Tripod Stand

(this was on my ceiling)

* Ceiling mount

(can hold up a softbox light from the ceiling)


* iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop

(UNBELIEVABLE!!) ... A GAMING COMPUTER IS WHAT YOU NEED because it has a separate graphics card that won't interfere with your processor speed. Other computers will get slowed down. This specific computer has Windows 10 built in and several extra inputs that you will need. )

* 2020 HP Touch-Screen Flagship Laptop

(currently $1,000 OFF!! I did not get this deal.)


* Tripod Mount Adapter for the GoPro

(You'll need one of these to mount your GoPro to your stand)

* AC Power Supply Adapter for Sony A6400

(get 2 -- otherwise your camera battery will die after 45 minutes. This constantly powers your camera!)

* SanDisk 128GB Memory Card with Adapter

(get 3-4 of these)

* Ethernet Cable 150 FT

(I run this out to my backyard and downstairs at times and get 500+ MBPS!)

* Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable Adapter 4K

(you'll need 1 for each camera - get 4)

* HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitors

(get 2 of these)

* Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

(This allows me to control the computer several feet away.)

* RCA Digital Alarm Clock w/ LED Display

(Ensures I know my speech time and will end on time! Bright and shiny.)

* Blue Light Bulbs

(One way how I get my blue glow in the background)

* USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter

(you'll need 2 of these)

* Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter

(Allows you to use your iPhone as a camera)

* USB Type-C to USB Type-C 2.0 Short Charger Cable

(get 2 of these)

* Mini-HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter

(if you don't get the SONY camera, you'll likely need a few of these)

* Docking Station

(this is a goldmine product! With my switcher, this is how I record.)

* Mobile TV Display Stand

(how my television is mounted -- moveable!)

* Microphone Stand Shelf

(where my plant was in the video)

* Laptop Tray Holder for Stand Mount

(I'd recommend one of these just in case)

* Tripods

(you'll need 4 of these! They hold up your cameras)

* 32" Monitor

(awesome awesome!! get 2 of these!))

* Television 43'

(see my video ... this specific television has the specs for presentations. Others do NOT and will give you glare no matter the setting preferences. BUY THIS ONE!)

* Power Strip

(you'll need 4 of these to plug in everything!)


* Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

* Retro Wood Textured Paneling

* Fake plants

Artificial Flower Calla Lily Faux Potted Plant

* Mini Fake Succulent Cactus Aloe Potted Plant Arrangements


* I'm a HUGE fan of UNTUCKit shirts ... they are designed to be worn "untucked!"

Click here to save 25% on your first order with this coupon link.

To Your Speaking Success,


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