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Watch this breakdown of my keynote

In my speaking career, I've learned more from what I've done WRONG than what I've done RIGHT.

I've had countless presentation experiences where I just shook my head and said to myself, "That will never happen again."

A mistake is proof you're trying. Just don't make the same one.

I'm humbly sharing with you a recent keynote where words came out of my mouth least expected! I recovered ... but barely. See if you can tell when & where it happened.

See below for topics and segments.

0:04 | Don't Stop Believin' Opening Topics: sets the tone for "#1 Determinant of Success!" 1:51 | #1 Determinant of Success! Topics: maximizing motivation, peak performance strategies, battling burnout 6:00 | Story of J.K. Rowling Most People Don't Know Topics: becoming resilient, learning from setbacks and failure 7:55 | How to Grow Despite Adverse Conditions Topics: how to battle adversity, dealing with challenges, growth mindset 8:43 | Our #1 Competitor Topics: importance of focus, how to avoid distractions 9:51 | The 4-minute Mile & Roger Bannister Topics: personal motivation, goal setting, focus 13:43 | Best Motivation Video Ever Topics: motivation, learning from failure, belief in purpose 17:35 | Beyond Just Showing Up Topics: next-level motivation, peak performance 18:25 | Lessons from Sign Flippers Topics: Differentiation, purposeful work 20:19 | Lessons from Bricklayers Topics: Power of "why", understanding what we do matters 22:39 | Catching My Fish @ The Pike Place Fish Market Topics: Innovation, reinvention, team empowerment, differentiation 29:23 | My Signature Story: The Price is Right Topics: visioning, goal setting, battling through adversity

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