Join Speaking Professionally Toastmasters -- new club opportunity!

Introducing a NEW Toastmasters club dedicated to provide you with virtual speaking practice opportunities and invaluable group feedback!

Visit to learn more about this club opportunity and RSVP for this Tuesday's Info Session.


1. Speaking Professionally Toastmasters will provide you with speaking practice opportunities to help you enhance and polish your virtual and in-person presenting abilities. 2. You'll receive amazing group feedback that is desperately needed to know where and how to improve your presentation - whether you seek to be a keynote speaker, a workshop trainer, both, or any other type of presenter.  There are many forms and types of presenting and speaking to audiences. 3. This prospective club is open to anyone whether or not you are a current Toastmasters member. 4. This will be a virtual club so you can join from any location - just have WiFi. 5. You'll be engaged with a group of others with like-minded interest that you can collaborate with, share ideas, request feedback, form additional peer partnerships, and receive Call for Speakers opportunities. 6. You'll also benefit from knowing how to create a speaking business and position yourself to receive PAID speaking engagements.


Speakers who are not working on their virtual delivery craft now will struggle later.  Even when in-person conferences and training events return, virtual events and training needs will still be in high demand. This means speakers who are not practicing and refining virtually won't be positioned well against speakers who already got their virtual act together.  I have 10 PAID virtual speaking engagements on my calendar this year ... and growing.  Join me.  Events and trainings are coming back ... are you ready?  If not, let Speaking Professionally Toastmasters help. 2020 could be the year you differentiate your speaking better than most speakers and take your speaking to the next level.  From my experience, most speakers haven't changed much since the covid pandemic struck us all.  This is your opportunity to grow by building your virtual speaking abilities and presence now. ** My sincere hope is that this club provides serious speakers with the outlet, feedback and encouragement needed to become more effective presenting to virtual audiences regardless of the type of speaking they want to pursue.  Otherwise, I wouldn't invest my time to coordinate and lead it. There will be an application process to verify that you're a serious speaker.  this will ensure all of us in the group come prepared and support each other. Join us for the Info Session to learn more and ask questions. I will not be responding to specific emails about this club if you do not attend the Information Session. If you cannot attend the Information Session, still RSVP to receive the recording link. Also, feel free to forward this opportunity along!  You likely know others who have talked about speaking for far too long.  This is their opportunity to take it to the next level too.

Visit to learn more about this club opportunity and RSVP for this Tuesday's Info Session.

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