"$peaker Talk" interview with Alan Hoffler & Stan Phelps | Silver Goldfish

"$peaker Talk" is an interview series with professional speakers about insights of the speaking business. In these short talks, you'll learn tips and lessons from speakers who have paved the way to launching a successful speaking business. You'll take away strategies to apply in your own professional speaking!


Here are some highlights from my conversation with Alan and Stan about their newly-released and future best-selling book, Silver Goldfish: Loud and Clear: The Keys to Delivering Memorable Business Presentations:

* Stan shares a few jokes he had to share the punchline twice :)

* Why Stan embarked on writing an incredible goldfish series of books (10x and counting!)

* The genesis of Silver Goldfish and how it came to be

* Special highlights from Silver Goldfish most relevant for speakers

* Alan "tells all" about what it was like working with Stan

* Stan shares a "no-holds-barred" secret story about Alan that no one knows

* They both share tips for co-authoring a book

* We all share tips about book publishing, where to start and how to finish

... and much more!

Click below for your copy of "Silver Goldfish: Loud and Clear: The Keys to Delivering Memorable Business Presentations"

Complimentary eBook on May, 5, 2020!

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