First off, congratulations for committing to push yourself and grow your speaking  to the next level.

Toastmasters International is the leading global organization helping individuals improve their communication skills.

We are the leading club to help you get PAID doing it. Members of our club are all focused on building a speaking business and earning PAID speaking engagements. 

Our Mission:

To help aspiring and current professional speakers build a speaking business by providing practice opportunities, feedback and business education topics each meeting.

Benefits of

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters: 

   1.  Membership with other like-minded speakers serious about growing their speaking businesses

   2.  Open to all levels and types of speakers

   3.   Speaking practice opportunities + additional speaking opportunities

   4.  Receive group feedback to strengthen speeches

   5.  Hear and learn from feedback given to others

   6.  Access to private Facebook page to engage with other members and request/share feedback

   7.  Receive 25 FREE speaking leads each month from my PAID Event Calendar

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters will provide you with safe, constructive practice opportunities in a peer group setting as well as business education to help you drastically improve your virtual speaking abilities and earn paid speaking engagements.

Click image to sign up for a future meeting role. 

Can't attend or speaking slots are full?  Post your video in the Facebook group.

If you're following a Pathway in Toastmasters, be sure you get credit (see below).

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Click image to access our Facebook group.

Our Facebook group provides you access to:

- post videos and request feedback

- learn about Call for Speakers

- access free trainings

- engage with other members

- seek out a peer partner

- request feedback

- post questions for the group

- ... and so much more!

We encourage you to work on a Pathway.  Click here to log into your Toastmasters account to learn more. 


Any business owner needs to make investments in their business ... and speakers are no different. Good news is that I've already done much of the heavy lifting for you so you don't waste time and money. 


Your membership dues in SPT include over $5,000 in business building resources that I invest in every year and normally only share with my coaching clients inside "The Vault."  I can't give away the entire "Vault" to you that includes templates and samples of everything I use in my own speaking business, so I'd encourage you to check out "The Vault" to learn more.  However, I'm giving you access to a few of the gold mine resources you'll find inside!

Click red links below to access "Vault" resources included with SPT. 

Association Directory

 - provides you with association names and contacts and events for thousands of registered associations


PAID Event Calendar Database

 - I've worked with several speaker agencies to compile a variety of PAID events that have previously hired speakers.  You receive 25 each month but can upgrade to 50, 100 or 200 PAID events per month. Click here to access the calendar of events.

"The Vault" - NSA version

 - provides you with previous recordings from NSA INFLUENCE conferences and a few more resources. A great way to observe other speakers, take notes and learn!

Int'l Speaker Summit Recordings

 - watch recordings with numerous other professional speakers who are the experts in their field.  Similar to "The Vault - NSA version," this is a great way to observe other speakers, take notes and learn!

Audiobook files

eBook files

PDF copy

Print version 

Samples and resources from inside the book

Meeting recordings

Click images to watch the YouTube recording in Gallery view.

If you'd like to view or download the raw MP4 files in different formats such as Speaker view, screenshare, and non-screenshare, click the red text for a GoogleDrive folder.

GoogleDrive folder for November 4 meeting

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