Welcome to The Vault!  Watch my tutorial video below... 

The Vault contains over $20,000 of resources and materials I have purchased and designed over the past 20 years of my speaking journey. Most of what you will receive immediately took me years to figure out. I wish The Vault existed when I first started speaking. I nearly quit before I "figured it out."


In the welcome email confirming your subscription to The Vault, you should have received a special link providing you access to my GoogleDrive folder. This is The Vault! It should look like the image below...

The Vault is literally a wealth of information but DO NOT let it intimidate you. Take your time over a cup of coffee (or cocktail!) to peruse each folder and become familiar with what's inside. You might not need everything right now, but you will need everything at some point in your speaking business. These samples and templates are what I use now in my current speaking business.

The resources inside The Vault align with my book, PAID to $PEAK. So some folder contents might not immediately be clear unless you also have a copy of the book. You can click here for more book details. I highly, highly, highly recommend you have a revised 2020 copy of PAID to $PEAK.

I encourage you to keep The Vault link handy. I'll be adding additional samples and templates over time. If there is a specific item you are looking for, please let me know. Below is a summary for what's included in The Vault.

If you also enrolled in my Speaker Mastermind Group, you'll be receiving details shortly about upcoming webinars. If you are interested in joining my Mastermind, simply go here


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Thanks so much and if you have any questions / issues, just reply back to this email and let us know.

"Kevin, I followed your speaking proposal template and not only got my first PAID speaking engagement, but I earned a speaking fee DOUBLE what I would have charged otherwise. "The Vault" has already paid for itself 5x over! I finally feel like I know what I'm doing know. Thank you!"  ~ Tristan Cole   

    The Vault provides samples of my…

  • Speaking proposals, speaking agreements and invoices

  • Program descriptions and learning outcomes

  • Presentation handouts

  • Presentation Power Points

  • Marketing “One Pages”  (i.e. speaker marketing flier)

  • Presentation introductions

  • Signature speech outline (i.e. “Speaking Storyboard”)

  • Evaluations that successfully build my prospect lists

  • Completed pre-event questionnaires from clients

  • Demo videos

  • Demo video storyboard outline to create your own

  • Customization timelines

  • Phone scripts to help you close the deal

  • TEDx speaker application

  • A/V checklist

  • Speech preparation checklist

  • Speech inquiries and my responses

  • Outreach emails to prospects

  • Follow up email templates to boost inquiries

  • Samples of my customized book interiors for clients

  • … and more!



    You’ll receive templates to make your own…

  • Speaking proposals, agreements and invoices (most important!)

  • Signature speech outlines  

  • Marketing “One Pages”

  • Responses to email inquiries

  • Email outreach messages

  • Follow up messages to event planners and attendees

  • Demo video storyboard outline

  • Evaluations to help you build your contact list

  • Speech preparation

  • Phone scripts

  • Speech evaluations

  • Customization timelines

  • TEDx speaker application


    You’ll also receive $2,500+ in discounts!  

  • 25% discount on membership in my Speaker Mastermind Group 

  • 1-year access to my Association Directory  ($899 value) 

  • 1-time behind-the-scenes access w/ me on a call or onsite speech  

  • Two 30-minute coaching calls ($249 value)

  • 25% discount on additional coaching calls

  • 5 recorded webinars I have personally purchased ($225 value)


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