Thrilled that you joined my inaugural Speaker Mastermind Group!


As a reminder for what you receive as a member of the Mastermind group,

click here. In short, Mastermind membership includes a total of 24 webinars

with me + private group Facebook page + coaching + Call for Speakers

announcements + accountability partner matching opportunities ... and more!


All webinars, the chat group, and announcements will be hosted on this private Facebook page. If you have not already received an invitation to join the Facebook group, please request access to join. You can also email my assistant, Sarah Edwards, at Info@InspirActiveSolutions.com or contact me. There is a chance you might also need to be connected with me on Facebook. If so, add me as a "friend" by clicking here.


Important notes:  

* To schedule your complimentary 1:1 coaching call with me, click here.

** The Speaker Mastermind Group is like a gym membership - it only has value when used. If you do not engage with the group, don't expect to benefit from its resources, respectfully.

*** Also, because this group is new since just December 2019, it will continue to grow in membership, activity and engagement. I've been offering incentives to build membership and will continue to do so. My hope is that three months from now we will have 100+ members and within the year over 1,000 members!


**** If you know someone who wants to become a speaker, please recommend this group to them. As a "thank you", I will send you $49 for every member you refer.


***** Have a request for a webinar topic or a specific question you'd like for me to answer? Post here on the group discussion


***** Other suggested ways you can engage with this group are to post discussion questions, post a discussion about finding speaking opportunities within your target audience, ask for feedback on a video of you speaking, ask for feedback on your website or any speaker marketing materials, post a request to be paired with a partner, post 'Call for Programs' announcements, make referrals, etc.!


Join me for LIVE Q&A each month!

From 12:00pm - 12:30pm on the first Monday of each month, join me for a LIVE Q&A on our Facebook group! I always ask for questions in advance and live during our session. The recording of each session will also be posted in our group. The 2020 Facebook LIVE Q&A dates are:  

    February 3       

    March 2

    April 6

    May 4

    June 1

    July 6

    August 3

    September 7

    November 2

    October 5

    December 1

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