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Now in audiobook, eBook and print formats!

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I've never been good with waiting, so while I 'impatiently' wait for Audible to sync the MP3 book files to my Amazon page, you can purchase the audiobook files at a special launch rate! Each file is an MP3 that you can listen to at your own leisure.


When I started speaking, I had no strategy. I wasn't even that great at speaking ... which is why I  floundered and nearly quit on numerous occasions. However, knowing what I know now, and after speaking to over 1,000,000 people in all 50 states and around the world, I would have done things much differently if I had a coach or speaking mentor.


I wrote "PAID to SPEAK" to outline my proven process and strategy to help you design your presentation, find the right audience, and learn the fundamentals helping you get PAID for speaking! If you follow the steps in this book, you should have speaking gigs lined up by the time you finish reading it. What took me 14 years to learn should take you 4 months!

Book contents ...

Applying the model I outline in PAID to SPEAK, my speaking business exploded - 11 keynotes in 6 months!  The outline of my book is below:

Module 1:
Where to
Module 4:
How to get
Module 2:
Developing your program
Module 5:
Getting consistent bookings
Module 3:
Speaking opportunities

... defining your goals

... types of PAID formats

... what differentiates you

... your signature story

... your call to action

... speaker myths

... what you need

... your 'One page'

... your presentation

... practice opportunities

... finding speaking gigs

... how to outreach

... speaking to students

... how to get referrals

... branding yourself

... from FREE to FEE

... how to maximize value

... knowing their budget

... psychology of your fee

... template proposals,

    contracts and invoices!

... staying motivated

... finding support

... client appreciation

... finding a mentor

... achieving your goals

Options for ordering ...  

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