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Mentorship is different than coaching.


“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” – John Crosby


My mentorship program offers you touchpoints with me to ask any questions you desire. The agenda of our sessions is whatever you'd like to talk about!

Ideal mentorship clients are those who already have some experience in speaking OR those who have completed one of my PAID to $PEAK coaching programs and desire continued support.

If you are new to speaking, I recommend you consider one of my 1:1 coaching programs that walks you through my process and helps you set up your speaking business first.

Coaching is more structured through my PAID to $PEAK process with regularly scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. We use our time together to follow my step-by-step model that structures your speaking business. I invest time to review your work in between coaching sessions. 

I offer one-on-one individualized speaker coaching, group speaker coaching, virtual studio coaching and TEDx speaker coaching options.

You are welcome to contact me for a complimentary consult to explore which option is the best fit for your speaking goals. Click here to schedule, but please review my mentorship and coaching options first. I do not offer free coaching.

Note:  I do not work with everyone and an application is required for all coaching and mentoring programs. After you book your first session below, I will send you a short application form that helps me get to know you and understand your speaking goals and aspirations. 

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Serious speakers wanting $5K+ speeches

Up to 4 coaching sessions/month PLUS in between "quick touchpoint" access with me for short questions and guidance.  During our sessions, I will review samples of your work, provide feedback on speech outline and presentation design, give advice for finding PAID speaking engagements, help you with target audiences and much more. I can also mentor inquiry responses and your outreach to associations and meeting planners.  Also, I'll share 1-2 inquiries with you so you see how I respond + invite you to join me behind-the-scenes to hear my client calls, proposal conversations, etc.  You'll also receive a private GoogleDrive with many items from "The Vault! - a $500 value" ... this option is ideal for serious speakers who are FULLY committed to launching and growing their speaking businesses to $3,500 PER SPEECH!




Serious / budget conscious speaker

Up to 2 coaching sessions/month + limited "quick touchpoint" access in between our sessions. During our sessions, I will review your work, provide feedback on speech and presentation design, advice for PAID speaking engagements and much more. Ideal for newer and emerging speakers on a budget.




Aspiring / budget conscious speaker

1 coaching session/month + limited "quick touchpoint" access for short questions in between our monthly session. No review of work in between. Ideal for aspiring speakers unsure if they want to pursue professional speaking.



  -  3-month minimum agreement

  -  Customized options can be available.  Click link above to schedule a complimentary call.


  -  My mentorship and coaching is designed to get you to the $5,000+ level per speech!  My speaking fees currently begin at $10,500 and go to $20,000 per speech. How much is it costing you NOT having those results?  I treat my mentees and coaching clients as if their speaking business was my own.

  -  Lastly, any business investment should be considered a legitimate "business expense" and tax deduction.  Consult your CPA/tax advisor.  Your investment in mentorship or coaching is a business write off.

I am passionate about helping speakers.  When I first started I had nothing.


Below are some of my most popular coaching services beyond my 1:1 and group coaching programs.  I'm happy to speak with you and explore which is the best fit to ensure you achieve your speaking goals.  Click here to schedule.

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TEDx Speaker Coaching

Learn how to apply, be selected and/or prepare for a TEDx speech that should change your life + speaking business!

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Speaker Mastermind

Connect with an incredible peer group of speakers throughout the month + LIVE Q&A with me directly + webinar each month



Over $20,000 in resources that I personally use in my own speaking business. Use samples and templates I've created!

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Speaking Professionally Toastmasters

Elevate and improve your in-person and virtual speaking presence and skill set with our unique club of speakers!

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Virtual Studio Coaching

Serious about speaking but don't have a virtual studio?  Let me help you create a budget-friendly studio that WOWs!

Don't have a professional DEMO VIDEO, SPEAKER PACKET, WEBSITE OR BOOK?  Let me help. 

My Ultimate Speaker Package provides it all for you. 

Kevin Snyder Ultimate Speaker
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