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Our Mission:

To help aspiring and current professional speakers build a speaking business by providing practice opportunities, feedback and business education topics each meeting.

Benefits of

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters: 

   1.  Membership with other like-minded speakers serious about growing their speaking businesses

   2.  Open to all levels and types of speakers

   3.  Speaking practice opportunities + additional speaking opportunities in a safe space each month

   4.  Receive group feedback to strengthen speeches

   5.  Hear and learn from feedback given to others

   6.  Access to private Facebook page to engage with other members and request/share feedback

   7.  Over $2,500 in professional speaking resources!


We welcome current Toastmasters as well as non-Toastmasters.  We also welcome speakers from various levels whether you are just starting out in speaking or you already have professional speaking experience.

We meet virtually on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST.  Additional engagement in between meetings through our Facebook group where members post videos for feedback, share speaking opportunities, and much more.

"If you're not practicing your speaking, you're not getting any better.  Our club is the place to practice, refine, and improve!"

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters will provide you with safe, constructive practice opportunities in a peer group setting as well as business education to help you drastically improve your virtual speaking abilities and earn paid speaking engagements.

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