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When I first started speaking,

       ...  I had no community with other like-minded speakers

       ...  I had no 1:1 mentors I could talk to

       ...  no speaking leads

       ...  no one to help hold me accountable

       ...  no peer support network to bounce ideas on and get feedback 

       ...  I had no one sending me complimentary trainings

       ...  no one sharing me behind-the-scenes info with meeting planners


As a member of the Speaker Mastermind Group, you receive all the above.

Looking back, if I had a network with other speakers and access to resources that would guide me, I wouldn’t have floundered and struggled like I did for the first several years. Luckily I made it through but most speakers don't, Speaking is quite difficult until you break through.  Before then, it can be lonely, isolating, full of doubt, and just challenging.


As a member of my Speaker Mastermind Group, you'll receive:

  • Quarterly LIVE Q & A group session with Kevin + recording (Zoom)** 

  • 50 SPEAKING LEADS PER MONTH!!  (RFP'S and Call for Speakers)

  • Membership in a private Facebook community

  • Community with other like-minded speakers to connect 

  • Ability to request feedback and create accountability/support groups

  • Behind-the-scenes communications between Kevin and meeting planners

  • … and more!  It's truly what you make of it.

** Priority to questions submitted in advance!  90 minute group Q&A.  

Can't attend?  OK!  Recording posted inside Facebook community.


How much / how to join?     

* Important note:  Q&A + webinars are all hosted through Zoom.  Recordings, group engagement and announcements will be hosted on a private Facebook page. You will need a Facebook page to access this information and engage with the group.  payments are made through Paypal and automatic.  Cancel any time.  Don't have/like Paypal?  We can take credit card information as well.

After receiving your payment you will receive an invitation to join the Facebook group.

Know someone who should join this group? 

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Beyond 1:1 and group coaching options, below additional resources to help you build your speaking business.  Click images for more information on each program.


You can also schedule a complimentary 1:1 session with me to explore which option is the best fit for you as well as a customized 1:1 coaching program that fits your budget. I do offer installment programs.

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TEDx Speaker Coaching

Learn how to apply, be selected and/or prepare for a TEDx speech that should change your life + speaking business!



Over $20,000 in resources that I personally use in my own speaking business. Use samples and templates I've created!

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Speaking Professionally Toastmasters

Elevate and improve your in-person and virtual speaking presence and skill set with our unique club of speakers!

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Virtual Studio Coaching

Serious about speaking but don't have a virtual studio?  Let me help you create a budget-friendly studio that WOWs!

Don't have a professional DEMO VIDEO, SPEAKER PACKET, WEBSITE OR BOOK?  Let me help. 

My Ultimate Speaker Package provides it all for you. 

Kevin Snyder Ultimate Speaker
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