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The PAID to $PEAK 5-Week Challenge will transform your speaking in just 5 sessions! 


As long as you do the work and SHOW UP, I stand behind my program that you will earn a $2,500 speaking engagement within 6 months.

The 5-Week Challenge is an acute period of time where you have access to me in a weekly LIVE group Q&A to guide, support and answer all your questions about earning PAID speaking engagements.  You also are part of a community cohort to connect with other speakers.


You'll receive my entire PAID to $PEAK Online Course (click here for details) and each week we will focus on a particular Module leaving no stone unturned!  My course is based on my #1 and best-selling book for speakers, PAID to $PEAK, which has enabled me to speak for over 1,000,000 people through 1,150+ audiences in all 50 states and several countries.  

Not feeling readyGood!  The point of my 5-Week Challenge is to Get You Ready!  No one taking the challenge will be "ready" so this cannot be an excuse.   

If you are committed to your speaking though, then accept the challenge! It's an acute period of time where I will be your coach for 5-weeks - guiding, supporting and answering your questions along the way to ensure you GET RESULTS!  Plus, I'll be sharing extras NOT included in the book and online course.

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Are you committed to taking the challenge?


The PAID to $PEAK 5-Week Challenge Consists:

*  Entire PAID to $PEAK Online Course!

*  Weekly group coaching session - LIVE Q&A!

*  Recordings of each session

*  One year membership in Speaker Mastermind

*  Extra templates, samples and scripts I do NOT share from the book!

Options for even more including

*  1:1 coaching sessions

*  Interview recording with Speakers Agent

*  Interview recording with Book Publisher

*  Interview recording with Demo Video Editor

*  TEDx training session .... and more!!

The 5-Week Challenge is ideal for anyone - whether brand new(er) to speaking, emerging or already seasoned - who is committed to earning PAID speaking engagements!

No risk guarantee!  I am so confident in what I've created that if you do the work, I'll guarantee you "earn" PAID speaking engagements at the $2,500+ level within 6 months like I did nearly 20 years ago. If not, we'll refund your $$$.


My framework will teach you (a) how to prepare yourself, (b) how to design and deliver an incredibly powerful speech, (c) how to find PAID speaking opportunities, (d) how to verify and identify organizations who can pay, (e) how to set speaking fee and (f) all the secrets and strategies I have used to  build and grow my speaking business! 

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So here's how it works:

    1.  Accept the challenge!

    2.  Review dates and select your cohort

    3.  Confirm your seat by making payment 

* once your seat is confirmed, you'll receive an email with more details including access to the Online Course, how to prepare for session #1 and more!

Upcoming Cohorts:

April 2023 Cohort

- April 3

- April 10

- April 17

- April 24

- May 1

** can't make a session?  That's OK.  We can take your question(s) upfront and you will receive the recording as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort?

     The cohort is the group of individuals banded together for each 5-Week Challenge.  We will start together and end together!  The additional benefit of cohorts is that you can connect with and support others within the cohort during the 5-Week Challenge and after!  It's a community within a community.

What if I don't feel ready?

    That's the entire point!  The 5-Week Challenge will Get YOU Ready!  Wouldn't it be nice to no longer feel that way?

What if I cannot make the weekly LIVE Q&A group sessions during the 5-week period?

     All Q&A's will be recorded.  You can send your questions in advance for them to be answered during the Q&A!

How long and when are the LIVE Q&A group sessions?

     Full 90 minutes live with Kevin Snyder via Zoom. We'll ask for your questions in advance and que them in priority.  We'll also take questions LIVE.  Unless a better time emerges for the cohort, sessions are scheduled at 1pm EST / 10 am PST.  

Do I have enough time to be ready for the December 13 cohort?

     Yes.  Remember the entire point of the 5-Week Challenge is to Get YOU Ready!  In fact, we specifically designed this "holiday" cohort to give you an extra week in between Modules 2 and 3!  #YourAreWelcome 

What is the structure for the LIVE Q&A sessions?

     Week 1 Q&A will focus on Module 1.  Week 2 focuses on Module 2, etc.  You'll receive the entire Online Course in advance so that you can watch each Module before the Q&A and share your questions in advance!  The LIVE Q&A will focus on your questions!  

Is this just for professional speakers?

    It's for ANYONE at any level of speaking experience who isn't satisfied with their current results and wants to grow in their PAID speaking potential. Whether you are brand new to speaking or have seasoned experience, what's important is where you want to be.

What are the guarantee details?

    If you do the work, you will get results!  If you don't do the work, then don't expect to get results.  It's really no different than a gym membership friends!  If you do the work, meaning you complete all the checklists successfully at the end of each Module and take advantage of the follow up 1:1 complimentary coaching session with Kevin (yes, complimentary!), but do not have your $2,500 speaking engagement or  $2,500+ in speaking engagements, we'll send you a refund.  We are confident you will be nothing but ecstatically pleased with the program though :) 

Are payment plans accepted?

    Yes, but full payment must be made by session #3.  Click here to inquire about payment plans

Can I pay NOW to lock in the price for a later cohort?

     YES. Smart.

How many individuals are in a cohort?

     It depends.  The PLUS program will be limited to a certain number of people since it includes 1:1 coaching calls from Kevin.  See below for a comparison of Option 1 and Option 2!

What if I need some 1:1 help?

    Absolutely.  Just reach out to Sarah Edwards or Kevin directly (click here) and they can set up a time to explore 1;1 coaching options.  Please review Kevin's 1:1 coaching programs here first - click here!

Have other questions Click here to send us an email!

You have 2 options with the 5-Week Challenge -- (1) BASIC or (2) PLUS!!

Option 1 Challenge.jpg

Compare what's inside the 5-Week Challenge PLUS Program!

The PLUS program will be limited due to Kevin's 1:1 coaching availability. 

Option 2 Challenge.jpg

Payment plans available (click here) to inquire.

This is your moment to accelerate your speaking and earn $2,500 per speech!  Remember my GUARANTEE you will earn PAID speaking engagements.  Also, keep in mind that all expenses for coaching/education should be considered business expenses - i.e. tax deductions!  (consult your CPA/tax advisor)

Know Someone Who Wants to Speak? 

Refer the 5-Week Challenge to them and receive $250!

That's right!  You'll receive a $150 referral 'thank you' and another $100 donation in your honor will be made to a charity of your choice  -- that's $250 total for every referral who takes action.

Accept the Challenge!

If you do, I GUARANTEE 2023 will be your breakout year in speaking

Below is a detailed outline of what each Module in PAID to $PEAK is all about!! 

Module 1:
Where to
Module 4:
Module 2:
Developing your program
Module 5:
Consistent PAID bookings
Module 3:
Finding speaking opportunities

What you'll learn:

... Where to start?

... Numerous ways to get PAID

... Great speakers solve problems

... How to differentiate yourself

... Discovering your Call to Action

What you'll learn:

... Debunking speaker myths

... The elements of your program

... How to create a Speaker One Page

... Tips to design your presentation

... How to find practice opportunities

What you'll learn:

... finding speaking gigs

... how to outreach

... speaking to students

... how to get referrals

... branding yourself

What you'll learn:

... Going from FREE to FEE!

... Knowing when to charge

... How to set your speaking fee

... 3-tiered speaking proposal

... 5-step process for contracts

What you'll learn:

... Tips for staying motivated

... How to find the right support

... Ideas to show client appreciation

... Finding a mentor

... Setting realistic goals

Watch a short orientation video below about the online course

Short Orientation Video (13 min)

Full Orientation Video (28 min)

For details about my TEDx speaker training or the Speaker Mastermind Group included in the PLUS course, see below:

Feeling stuck or need some help?

Below are some of my most popular coaching services.  My private 1:1 coaching programs include ALL of them (click here to see what a sample private coaching program looks like) OR select the service below a la carte that you feel is most needed to help you.  I'm happy to speak with you and explore which is the best fit to ensure you achieve your speaking goals.  Click here to discuss options.

TEDx speaker.jpg

TEDx Speaker Coaching

Learn how to apply, be selected and/or prepare for a TEDx speech that should change your life + speaking business!

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Speaker Mastermind

Connect with an incredible peer group of speakers + LIVE Q&A with me directly + speaking opportunities + partner + more!



Over $20,000 in resources that I personally use in my own speaking business. Use samples and templates I've created!

Don't have a professional DEMO VIDEO, SPEAKER PACKET, WEBSITE OR BOOK?  Let me help. 

My Ultimate Speaker Package provides it all for you. 

Kevin Snyder Ultimate Speaker
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