I created "The Vault" to provide you with the templates, scripts, samples and resources that I use in my own speaking business.

I've totaled it up, and it's worth over $20,000 in value!

Stop wasting time creating it on your own and not having professional materials that give the perception you're a newbie speaker.  Use what I'm providing to STAND OUT!

"Kevin, I followed your speaking proposal template and not only got my first PAID speaking engagement, but I earned a speaking fee DOUBLE what I would have charged otherwise. "The Vault" has already paid for itself 5x over! I finally feel like I know what I'm doing know. Thank you!"  ~ Tristan Cole   

    The Vault provides samples of my…

  • Speaking proposals, speaking agreements and invoices

  • Program descriptions and learning outcomes

  • Presentation handouts

  • Presentation Power Points

  • Marketing “One Pages”  (i.e. speaker marketing flier)

  • Presentation introductions

  • Signature speech outline (i.e. “Speaking Storyboard”)

  • Evaluations that successfully build my prospect lists

  • Completed pre-event questionnaires from clients

  • Demo videos

  • Demo video storyboard outline to create your own

  • Customization timelines

  • Phone scripts to help you close the deal

  • TEDx speaker application

  • A/V checklist

  • Speech preparation checklist

  • Speech inquiries and my responses

  • Outreach emails to prospects

  • Follow up email templates to boost inquiries

  • Samples of my customized book interiors for clients

  • … and more!



    You’ll receive templates to make your own…

  • Speaking proposals, agreements and invoices (most important!)

  • Signature speech outlines  

  • Marketing “One Pages”

  • Responses to email inquiries

  • Email outreach messages

  • Follow up messages to event planners and attendees

  • Demo video storyboard outline

  • Evaluations to help you build your contact list

  • Speech preparation

  • Phone scripts

  • Speech evaluations

  • Customization timelines

  • TEDx speaker application


    You’ll also receive $4,500+ in value  

  • 25% discount on membership in my Speaker Mastermind Group

  • 1-year access to my Association Directory  ($899 value)

  • 1-year access to Int'l Speaker Summit

  • Access to conference recordings from keynote speakers ($799 value) 

  • 1-time behind-the-scenes access w/ me on a call or onsite speech  

  • Two 30-minute coaching calls ($250 value)

  • 20+ recorded webinars I personally purchased ($2000+ value)


"The Vault" has a one-time fee due to it's downloadable contents. 

Regular investment for "The Vault" is $999.  Not bad for $20,000+ in resources!!!


However, current time-sensitive discount in November for up to 50 serious speakers provides 2 discounted options below:

Within 12 hours of receiving your payment, you will receive a welcome email with a special website link unlocking all the resources inside "The Vault!" 

I normally only share the The Vault resource with my 1-on-1 speaker coaching clients, but I’ve decided to open it up for others who can't afford coaching, respectfully, as well as aspiring speakers serious about accelerating their speaking business.


The value I am assigning to this toolkit of resources nearly 20 years in the making is just one entry-level speaking gig - $3,500. Using my speaking proposal template, you should earn this in just one speaking engagement! My proposals will not only help you get the speaking gig confirmed, but earn more than what you'd ever think of charging.


However, I know $3,500 can be difficult for some, respectfully. I've been there too ... it's OK. If you read my book, PAID to $PEAK, then you know I once spoke at an event where I needed to sell 2 books to afford gas to drive home.


So Instead of focusing on where you are, let's focus you on where you want to be! I can help and pave you the way so you don't make the same mistakes I did. To help you achieve your dream for speaking, I'm offering The Vault for $999, a discount of over $3,000! Plus, payment plans can be available upon request. Also, keep in mind that any investment you make to start a business (like resources, coaching, etc.) should be considered a business expense and is tax deductible. (consult your CPA!)

Most importantly, the real value for you is to have what you need to get more seriously organized, get launched, and get PAID speaking engagements that will last a lifetime … cliché, but true!

Think of it this way ... just one speaking engagement would pay for your access to "The Vault" and you've got the resources forever. You'll be able to benefit immediately from my samples and templates. 


** Just like my coaching, installment plans are available upon request. 


By you having access to The Vault, you can use my templates to create your own. Don’t create things on your own like I did and delay your speaking any longer. 


Important note: Membership and access to The Vault is for one year period of time. Once you make payment, you will be emailed a private link to access all resources and templates inside. Payments are non-refundable due to the nature of how this information can be downloaded all at once. 

Beyond 1:1 and group coaching options, below are some of my most popular coaching services that will help you build your speaking business.  Click images for more information on each program.


You can also schedule a complimentary 1:1 session with me to explore which option is the best fit for you and your budget

TEDx speaker.jpg

TEDx Speaker Coaching

Learn how to apply, be selected and/or prepare for a TEDx speech that should change your life + speaking business!

Speaker Mastermind

Connect with an incredible peer group of speakers throughout the month + LIVE Q&A with me directly + webinar each month


Over $20,000 in resources that I personally use in my own speaking business. Use samples and templates I've created!

event calendar.jpg

PAID Event Calendar

STOP wasting time on events that don't pay!  My event calendar gives you access to up to 200 events each month that hire speakers!

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters

Elevate and improve your in-person and virtual speaking presence and skill set with our unique club of speakers!

Virtual Studio Coaching

Serious about speaking but don't have a virtual studio?  Let me help you create a budget-friendly studio that WOWs!

Don't have a professional DEMO VIDEO, SPEAKER PACKET, WEBSITE OR BOOK?  Let me help. 

My Ultimate Speaker Package provides it all for you. 

Kevin Snyder Ultimate Speaker Package.jp
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