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I'm thrilled to launch my first-ever PAID to $PEAK Online Course! 

The course is based on my best-selling and #1 book, "PAID to $PEAK: How to Become a Professional Speaker."  Conference events and trainings are back and meeting planners/conference organizers are seeking speakers!  My system will show you how get PAID speaking engagements!


All videos from this online course are On Demand, so watch when you want, where you want and as much as you want!

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If you know me well this might surprise you, but I do not believe we just automatically rise to the level of our goals.  Nope.  Rather, we fall to the level of our systems. 


Step #1 is having a goal.  Step #2 is identifying the system to filll the gap and achieve it.  Step #3 is applying the system.  This why I am so 'confidently passionate' about my PAID to $PEAK book, online course and speaker coaching programs.  They are all based on a proven system and I know can take you and your speaking to new heights! 

So friends, whether you are new(er) to speaking or already have experience presenting professionally, my PAID to $PEAK framework will teach you (a) how to prepare yourself, (b) how to design an incredibly powerful speech, (c) how to find PAID speaking opportunities, (d) how to verify organizations who can pay, and (e) how to build a part-time or full-time speaking business! 


My PAID to $PEAK Online Course is ideal for speakers, coaches, trainers and consultants who ALL can use the speaking platform to maximize business!


My PAID to $PEAK process outlines a proven system that has allowed me to present for over 1,000,000 people through 1,150+ audiences in all 50 states and several countries.  I've been speaking for over 20 years now. Visit my speaking website at to view more about my own speaking. 


Most of what I learned the past 20 years about speaking was the hard way so I am confident you'll avoid many of my pitfalls AND accelerate your own speaking success by following my guidance.


In my PAID to $PEAK Online Course, you will earn:

   - Unlimited video access to all 5 Modules

   - Checklists for each Module

   - Slide deck for each Module

   - Complimentary PAID to $PEAK book files

   - Downloadable files inside PAID to $PEAK

   - Complimentary Coaching Call upon completion

PAID to $PEAK PLUS+ includes TEDx speaker training,

Virtual studio training, my Speaker Mastermind Group

and more!

My Commitment to YOU about the Quality of the PAID to $PEAK Online Course:


I'm so confident in my program that if you do the work and follow each Module, I guarantee you will 'earn' PAID speaking opportunities by the time you complete this online program.  If not, we will refund your money. 


After working with 100+ speakers at various levels, the ones who completed the program had 100% success.  I expect for you the same.  If you ever feel stuck, simply reach out to me for help.  Click here to contact me


You can also view my 1:1 coaching programs (click here) which provide you with guidance and feedback through my PAID to $PEAK program OR take advantage of my NEW Mentorship program (click here) which is ideal for speakers who have already gone through PAID to $PEAK but still recognize they need some 1:1 support, feedback and/or touchpoint access with me.

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The proof is in the puddin' friendsIf you want to speak like this below, you need my online course!

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Paid to Speak Model Stand Alone.jpg

Within 6 months, I was able to replace my full-time salary as a Dean of Students.  One year later, I was earning 6-figures and speaking fees averaging $3,500+!  Not to impress you, but rather impress upon you that the process I teach you works when applied!

Below is a brief overview of what you'll learn in each video Module:

Module 1:
Where to
Module 4:
Module 2:
Developing your program
Module 5:
Consistent PAID bookings
Module 3:
Finding speaking opportunities

What you'll learn:

... Where to start?

... Numerous ways to get PAID

... Great speakers solve problems

... How to differentiate yourself

... Discovering your Call to Action

What you'll learn:

... Debunking speaker myths

... The elements of your program

... How to create a Speaker One Page

... Tips to design your presentation

... How to find practice opportunities

What you'll learn:

... finding speaking gigs

... how to outreach

... speaking to students

... how to get referrals

... branding yourself

What you'll learn:

... Going from FREE to FEE!

... Knowing when to charge

... How to set your speaking fee

... 3-tiered speaking proposal

... 5-step process for contracts

What you'll learn:

... Tips for staying motivated

... How to find the right support

... Ideas to show client appreciation

... Finding a mentor

... Setting realistic goals

Watch a short orientation video below from the online course

Short Orientation Video (13 min)

Full Orientation Video (28 min)

Time to take A.C.T.ion and achieve your speaking goals!

You have TWO Options with my Online Course  -- (1) BASIC or (2) PLUS

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PLUS extras.jpg

Pricing for PAID to $PEAK Online Course!

**  Access the PLUS course for $450. 

**  Access the BASIC course for $350!

This is your moment to accelerate your speaking.

Remember my GUARANTEE -- do the work and achieve $2,500 results or your $$ back!

Know Someone Who Wants to Speak? 

Refer this course and receive $100!

That's right!  You'll receive a $50 referral 'thank you' and another $50 donation in your honor will be made to a charity of your choice  -- that's $100 total for every referral who takes action.

Click following links for details about my TEDx speaker training and the Speaker Mastermind Group included in the PLUS course.  Also, see below:

Feeling stuck or need some help?

Below are some of my most popular coaching services.  My private 1:1 coaching programs include ALL of them (click here to see what a sample private coaching program looks like) OR select the service below a la carte that you feel is most needed to help you.  I'm happy to speak with you and explore which is the best fit to ensure you achieve your speaking goals.  Click here to discuss options.

TEDx speaker.jpg

TEDx Speaker Coaching

Learn how to apply, be selected and/or prepare for a TEDx speech that should change your life + speaking business!

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Speaker Mastermind

Connect with an incredible peer group of speakers + LIVE Q&A with me directly + speaking opportunities + partner + more!



Over $20,000 in resources that I personally use in my own speaking business. Use samples and templates I've created!

Don't have a professional DEMO VIDEO, SPEAKER PACKET, WEBSITE OR BOOK?  Let me help. 

My Ultimate Speaker Package provides it all for you. 

Kevin Snyder Ultimate Speaker
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