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To be hired as a virtual speaker, they will expect you to present professionally!

This means standing UP, no screenshare, no bookshelf backdrop, and upgraded equipment.  My option #1 virtual studio can be designed for less than $1,000!

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Download 3 budget options to set up your virtual studio. Option #1 equipment less than $1,000!

I've included pricing for every item and specific links so you purchase the correct items.


Setting up my virtual studio took nearly 2 months.  Knowing what I know now, I can help you set yours up in one day!

Let me take you on a journey of evolution for my virtual studio set up.

Below was my virtual background when I first started back in March. 

TLI Virtual Delivery.jpg
studio 2.jpg

This was the best I knew how to do.  Looking back on it now, I'm embarrassed. If only I had taken action sooner, my speaking business could have rebounded more quickly.

Of course at the time (March 2020), home virtual studios were quite rare.  We didn't need them until the pandemic struck hard and in-person events were canceled. But I didn't have any experience in virtual.

studio 3.jpg

Then I woke up to the reality that virtual events weren't going away. In fact, they were going to be here for quite some time, even after the pandemic was gone.

So I started building my home virtual studio knowing it was an investment in my business ... and my family's future. I had sat around complaining long enough!

studio 4.jpg
studio 5.jpg
studio 6.jpg

My business was more important than our unused bonus home, so I convinced my wife it was necessary to convert one corner of the room into a dedicated space for my virtual studio. That's all I needed!

I visited Home Depot (quite a few times) to purchase Shiplap and make this a DIY (Do It Yourself) home project that took me only 5 hours and < $250. Not a bad looking backdrop for a novice!

I wanted a backdrop that was unique, clean and simple.

To the right is one of my first videos I ever recorded in my home studio. At the time, I only had one camera angle.

After earning my first speaking engagement because of my studio, I soon upgraded to a switcher and multi-view camera angle set up. 

My first speaking engagement after upgrading was $7,500. This paid for the entire studio!

studio 7.jpg

Again, my first speaking engagement after building my studio was $7,500. This paid for the entire studio! I would not have earned the speaking engagement otherwise.  They told me I had the best set up of the speakers they were considering.


Now I have the studio for the next several years AND it will continue to differentiate me and my speaking business.  Join me!  Knowing what I know now, what took me months I can teach you in one day!

Virtual Studio.jpg

There's not a day that goes by where I'm not asked by other speakers how I designed my studio, what equipment I purchased and all sorts of questions.

I am honored to help others, but based on the demand of inquiries and my family commitments, I no longer offer complimentary consulting or open Q&A.  I simply just don't have the time, respectfully.

However, if you're willing to invest in yourself by scheduling a coaching session, I'll prioritize my time to help you in return.  

Click below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute Strategy Session to talk through where you are currently at in building your virtual studio and what your speaking goals are.

This is not a free coaching call; rather, it's a base conversation to explore how I can help you set up your virtual home studio.

studio 8.jpg

Note: The link above is not a free coaching session. It's simply 15 short minutes to explore your speaking goals and discuss which of the 3 virtual studio options might be the best fit for you.  Click here to download the equipment list with budget options.

During our 15-minute session, I'll make an option recommendation based on our discussion and then we'll schedule an official coaching session if you decide to move forward. My rates are $249/hour or $475 for a 3-hour bundle.  I can also provide options to set your equipment up onsite.

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