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I am truly honored to speak at your upcoming Toastmasters event!  Special thanks and recognition to your planning team for the enormous behind-the-scenes effort!


My speaking career includes motivational keynotes and leadership training workshops for over 1,000,000 people and 1,150 audiences around the world.  My clients include professional organizations, associations and youth audiences who are hosting conferences, special events and meetings. 


Last year I was humbled to be the only Toastmaster in the world who received the prestigious Accredited Speaker designation from Toastmasters International. 

BONUS:  I can also make myself available to deliver one of my motivational keynotes or training workshops for your company 1-2 days before or after your Toastmasters event.  Watch my demo video (below) and visit my professional speaking website (click here) to inquire! 

While speaking for your Toastmasters events, it truly would be an additional honor to present for your local company.  Simply inquire with me here.

And for those of you intrigued and interested to learn more about the Accredited Speaker designation through Toastmasters International or professional speaking in general, continue to scroll below!  Numerous resources to guide and help you!


Serious about speaking and learning how to earn consistent PAID speaking engagements?  Be sure to subscribe to my 'Speaker Tips' newsletter on this website to get the latest news and insights about professional speaking and finding PAID speaking opportunities.

Below are additional interviews about the Accredited Speaker program.  If you are interested in applying or learning more, these are MUST-SEE videos!

In this video, Kevin interviews the Co-Chairs for the Accredited Speaker program - Rochelle Rice (CSP and DTM) and Greg Wood (DTM).

In this video, Kevin interviews other Accredited Speakers who share insights and tips about applying - Forrest Tuff (DTM) and Paul Artale (DTM).

In this video, Kevin is interviewed by First Vice President Radhi Spear about his journey to becoming an Accredited Speaker, his advice for other Toastmasters, and more.

To  view Kevin's books on Amazon, scan the QR code below or visit


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Desire to become a professional speaker? 

Passionate about speaking and want to learn how to find consistent, PAID speaking engagements?

Want to become a TEDx speaker or write a book?

Watch this short video for an overview of Kevin's speaker coaching programs and his coaching philosophy. 

Fellow Toastmasters, I would not be where I am today as a speaker without the coach I hired to guide me, support me, hold me accountable and answer questions weekly.
I struggled for years doing it all on my own before finally realizing I could benefit having guidance from someone who had already paved the way before me.
Coaching helped me get out of my own way, be more accountable, be more focused and earn thousands more in the first year alone.  Coaching immediately paid for itself and one year later I had a 6-figure speaking business.

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