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Could 2020 be your breakout year in speaking! (WATCH THIS)

How would it feel to have 2020 be your breakout year in speaking?

Whether you are brand new to speaking or you want to grow your speaking business further, 2020 should be your breakout year ... but it's not going to happen because of luck. It'll result from you applying a PAID to $PEAK strategy.

Watch my 2020 kick off video below and envision:   * helping people in every audience you speak!      * being your own boss!      * controlling your own schedule!      * making more in one speech than most people do an entire month!

Only watch the video if you're serious about taking your speaking to the next level ... pay close attention towards the end.

If you watched the video, then you know I'm offering my Speaker Mastermind Group at a HUGE discount for the month of January AND adding $500 of coaching. Click here to take advantage of the discount and extra coaching for a limited time only.

I sincerely want to help you make 2020 your breakout year for speaking and inspiring audiences!

My Speaker Mastermind Group is a full year of resources and includes 24 group coaching sessions with me personally. 

 ... the speaking industry is HOT but you have to be ready and know who your target audiences are. The first week of January I had SEVEN SPEECH INQUIRIES and FOUR of these were at major conferences.

Last Fall I created several resources to help hungry speakers like you earn paid speaking engagements:

* Creation of "The Vault" providing templates of everything I use

* Launch of my "Speaker Mastermind Group"

Over the 2020 holiday, I created even more resources: 

* I completely revised my book, PAID to $PEAK and added significant more content

* I created a dedicated website page with FREE worksheets and links to documents within PAID to $PEAK

* I converted PAID to $PEAK into both eBook and Audiobook formats

* I recorded my PAID to $PEAK online course (release Feb 1st!)

Everything I wish I had when I first started speaking is at your fingertips. If you'd like to talk about which of my resources is best for you and your speaking goals, let's schedule time to talk. Click here for availability.

To Your Speaking Success, Kevin Snyder, Ed.D. Professional speaker / Author of several books including PAID to $PEAK


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