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How to set speaking fee

"How much should I charge for speaking?"

"How do you earn $3,500+ per speech?"

These are two of the most common questions I receive from speakers who want to build a speaking business.

Knowing "when" to charge and "how much" to charge are extremely important in any type of business - but especially in speaking because this is how keynote speakers are PAID!

I've learned the hard way and, until I finally figured out how to set my standard speaking fee and create a tiered speaking proposal, I probably left a cumulative of $100,000+ minimum on the table without even realizing it. I actually added it up a few weeks ago --- ouch!

So learn from my mistakes - plural - which I am sharing with you for free! #YouAreWelcome

I wish there was a "just do this" simple answer to the question of knowing how to set speaking fee, but there's not. Speaking fee is determined by a variety of factors. Moreover, knowing how to position yourself to the meeting planner before ever giving them a fee amount is crucial as well.

When a client wants to work with you before ever even knowing your fee you will achieve extraordinary success in a speaking business.

So when speakers book a coaching call with me to help them set their speaking fee and draft a speaking proposal, I walk them through the factors I consider for my own speaking business. I also listen to their scenario and provide some recommendations if it were me. BONUS: I also share a sample speaking proposal they can model after.

*** Just last week someone reached out to me about setting speaking fee. After our discussion, they followed my direction to position themselves, they created a tiered proposal, and then offered a standard fee 5x more what they were going to originally charge. I heard this morning that their 2nd tier was selected which earned them 8x the original amount they were going to quote before talking to me!

Their success story inspired me to write this blog. I'm so proud of them! But now they have to prepare for that keynote and to be honest, they are terrified -- haha! But good news is that I'm working with them on their speech preparation as well. (I also provide speech preparation coaching and speech reviews in my coaching)

Look, I don't share this success story above to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that knowing how to set your speaking fee and position yourself to a potential client is crucial for your speaking business. You're likely going to be compared against several other speakers so you have to set your fee properly and position yourself to differentiate. If you don't know what I mean by this, then schedule a complimentary discovery call (click here) with me to discuss your speaking goals and explore how I can help you build your speaking business. These calls are complimentary.

Not only do my speaking fees typically double what most other speakers can charge, but I also know how to write proposals well and get the speaking gig to begin with. I used to hire speakers for a living when I worked in Student Affairs!

So below are a few tips to help you begin setting speaking fee ... but remember, there isn't a "just do this" answer. If you properly want to know how to set your speaking fee, reach out to me because there are many other factors:

"When to charge for a speech?"

(from Module 4 in my book, PAID to SPEAK (page 140))

1. Is the meeting organizer contacting you? (as compared to you contacting them)

2. Have they seen you speak before or been referred to you by someone who has seen you speak?

3. Is the speaking opportunity a conference/event where attendees pay money to attend?

"How much to charge for a speech?"

(from Module 4 in my book, PAID to SPEAK (page 145))

1. How much does the group you are speaking normally pay? (hint: you can find this out!)

2. Set a standard fee and then tier your speaking proposal in 3 ways to provide a "menu."

3. Never quote fee before asking what their fee range is.

(** this will get me in trouble with some folks, but most speakers who are honest will admit they do the same thing!)

** I do have a standard fee, but I also discount my fee for certain groups such as students, educators and non-profits. I decide if I discount, but they always know my standard speaking fee. Also, I always tier my proposals and I never give them my speaking fee without asking them their speaker budget first.

Contact me if I can help and if you'd like to schedule a coaching call to focus on setting your speaking fee properly. if you've been struggling getting PAID to $PEAK, then an hour of my time with you will prove priceless for your speaking future.

Stop dabbling in $0 - $1,000 contracts and let me help you position yourself to earn $2,500 - $4,500+ per speech from the start!

Setting your speaking fee appropriately allows you to speak full time and stop dabbling in other things so you can truly focus on spreading your message to audiences. STOP dabbling and START speaking professionally! I look forward to hearing from you.


Desire to become a professional speaker?

Not getting the speaking business you had hoped for?

In addition to my own speaking business, I have a passion for helping and coaching speakers develop their own. Whether it's in crafting a speech, identifying target groups who can pay, and/or how to get the speaking gig itself, I can help. I've keynoted over 1,150 presentations in practically every industry you can imagine. My book, PAID to SPEAK, outlines a proven model for speakers. If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, contact me for a free consultation. I don't want you to flounder like I did and be frustrated. If you're not a subscriber to these speaker articles, submit your email today!


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