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Upcoming Speaker Deadlines!!

I actually have a bit of FOMO right now ... Fear Of Missing Out.

But not for me ... for YOU! That's why I'm registered and also sharing all these upcoming speaker deadlines!

So don't worry about FOMO ... worry about missing out on certain ways to improve your speaking, get on stages, speak to college students, get demo video and be in front of association professionals.

Deadlines are coming up and I'd jump on them to help ensure 2023 is your breakout year in speaking ... see below:

The NSA Carolinas Speaker Intensive is this Saturday with one of the best keynote speakers I have ever seen, Ha

ll of Fame Speaker Kelly Swanson! It's an intensive workshop that dives deep into the storytelling art and business side of speaking. TODAY is the final day to register ... there is a virtual registration option and the recording will only be provided to registrants. You do NOT want to miss Kelly's keynote (Part I) and interactive workshop (Part II) with four lucky participants getting a "Hot Seat" experience! After Kelly's keynote we have a networking lunch followed by panel dicussions on book publishing, demo video and speaker websites. Kelly is the perfect fit for our Intensive theme - STORYTELLING! She is a master at helping speakers curate an amazing story that also has relevance and impact for a professional speech or training program.

Are you a speaker who wants to get your message in front of associations? How about great video and photos as well?

If you said yes, you'll want to consider the AENC Speaker Showcase in-person at our Annual Trade Show. Selected speakers (selected by a committee) will receive eight minutes of stage time to be recorded for raw video footage from three cameras, two professional photos on stage, and a high-top table in the AENC Speaker's Village on the Trade show floor at center court.

You will also have some of the trade show attendees there serving as a small live audience. Post event we will distribute your video to the full AENC membership. Apply for Speaker Showcase here.

Desire to speak to college students ... or faculty and staff on college campuses? Or both?

Apply to be a speaker with CAMPUSPEAK!

I have been with CAMPUSPEAK for 17 years now ... wow! Hard to believe. CAMPUSPEAK is where I started my speaking journey and I receive many speaking engagements through them.

In fact, this weekend I am flying to the University of New England to speak to their entire campus.

If you're even thinking about speaking on campuses, it would behoove you to at least consider CAMPUSPEAK and look at their selection criteria for speakers. It's not much different than what a campus professional would expect to hire you anyways. This is what you need to get selected and PAID to $PEAK!

*** Note: I dedicate an entire section of Module 3 inside PAID to $PEAK (click here) to college speaking. Check it out where I help you learn more about all the different groups that hire speakers each semester! Over the years I have been fortunate to speak to over 300 college campuses. Check out some of the colleges and universities I have spoken by clicking here.

Apply to become an Accredited Speaker! If you are a member of Toastmasters International, you need to know more about the Accredited Speaker designation. Click here.

The deadline for Accredited Speaker submissions is early 2023. It's not an overnight submission so you need to start the process now.

I was fortunate enough and honored to receive the Accredited Speaker designation this past August at the Toastmasters International Convention.

Also humbled to be the only recipient in the world this year ... of the 2,000+ Toastmasters clubs and thousands of Toastmasters, I was the only one? I was surprised ... but also proud!

If you speak professionally, or want to, learn more about the Accredited Speaker designation through Toastmasters.

Would encourage you to watch it if you have not seen me present a full keynote speech. This speech was one of my shorter speeches ... normally I present a full 60-minute keynote or half day training.

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters meets once a month and guests are always welcome for up to 2 visits.

We also have a "Work Session" in between our meetings so that members can support each other to work on

and share ideas on their speaking business. We have specific focus topics for these sessions as well.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, December 6th and we're going to focus on the "Year in Review" as well as commitment setting for 2023!

If you've not ever attended one of our meetings and want to experience how our meetings run, click here to request our Zoom link.

Our website,, provides a demo video and outlines all the benefits and resources included with membership.

If you want to speak professionally, or speak and get PAID, our club is the place to practice a segment of your speech and receive feedback.

Our club is also the place to take advantage of professional speaking resources we provide with membership!

Whether you want to speak on the TEDx stage, find PAID speaking engagements or learn how to work best with meeting planners, check out my most popular and recent posts!

If you haven't read these yet, I'd schedule some time over a cup of coffee to review insights I feel will massively help you progressing in your speaking business.

If you're not clear on specifically what steps to take next, read below:

Earn greatness today! Onward and upward!


Want to speak professionally, part-time or full-time?

Not getting PAID speaking engagements?

I've been honored to present for over 1,000,000 people through 1,150+ audiences in all 50 states and several countries. Whether I'm on a stage or in a training room with professionals or students, I absolutely LOVE motivating and inspiring people for higher performance. And in addition to my own speaking business, I have a passion for helping and coaching speakers learn how to catapult their speaking whether part-time or full-time. My book, PAID to SPEAK, outlines a proven model for speakers and is now an online course as well! Click here for online course info!

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, explore my coaching and mentorship options. I don't want you to flounder like I did and be frustrated.


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