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Just ONE EVENT would pay for an entire year's subscription!


See the Q&A below for frequently asked questions.


Let PAID speaking opportunities come to you! 


My PAID Event Calendar  is a monthly subscription giving you access to 200+ events per month that hire speakers! 

Cancel at any time.

     You'll receive:

    *  Event name, website & date

    *  Host organization info

    *  Contact info

    *  Event agenda

   *  ... and more!! 

Many of these events will have more than one opportunity as they will be looking for keynotes, breakouts, workshops, and general session speakers ... and have budgets.

Below are sample events!

Below are sample events with budgets  looking for speakers!

IFMA Facility Fusion Conference & Expo
Int'l Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence
Franchisee Owner Convention
Healthcare Human Resources Association Meeting
Nat'l Assoc of College Business Officers Annual Meeting
Women’s Leadership Institute
Minnesota Hospital Association Expo
Administrative Leadership Institute
South Carolina Bankers Association Trade Show
Shared Governance Leadership Conference
American Association of Managed Care Nurses Forum
Assisted Living National Conference
National Conference for Nurse Practitioners Conference
Virginia Dental Association Annual Meeting
Ohio Early Childhood Conference
American Occupational Therapy  Association Expo
Human Capital Leadership Conference
Association of Educational Administrators Conference
National Emergency Number Association Expo
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Convention
American Gas Association Operations Conference

Annual Supply Chain Leader Summit
2021 Strategic Leadership Forum
Forum Forward Convention
Int'l Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting
School Nutrition Association Annual Conference
School Nutrition Association of Louisiana
Atlantic City Bus Operators Association Spring Meeting
Virginia Automotive Convention & Trade Expo
Asphalt Pavement Assoc of Michigan Annual Meeting
Association of Marina Industries Int'l Conference
Association of Health Information Management
Leadership Symposium
Asset’s Sales and Networking Conference
PA Dairy Summit
Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals Forum
Energy Storage North America
Iowa Tourism Conference
Healthcare Service Excellence Conference
International Floriculture Expo
ILSHRM Strategic HR Conference
Health Care Administrators Association Summit

Human Resource Executive Leadership Conference
American Lighting Association Annual Meeting
Nat'l Association of School Resource Officers Meeting
Texas Bankers Association Annual Convention
SNAXPO (Snack Food Association) Expo
National Diversity & Leadership Conference
Association Management Annual Conference
SSA Spring Conference and Trade Show
Healthcare Executives Annual Meeting
Healthcare Coalition Winter Conference
American Association of Orthodontists Conference
Medical Group Management Annual Conference
Food Shippers of America Annual Conference
Institute of Supply Management's Annual Conference
Senior Living Association Annual Meeting
Southwest Car Wash Association Annual Conference
American Moving and Storage Association Convention
Texas Affordable Housing Providers Conference
International Health & Sportsclub Association
Special Events Industry Educational Conference
Association of Secondary School Principals Conference

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Includes an excel list of all 200 - 230+ PAID speaking engagement leads and contacts each month. Cancel any time.


Cancel any time

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Includes an excel list of 100 PAID speaking engagement leads and contacts each month.  Cancel any time.


Cancel any time

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Includes an excel list of 25 PAID speaking engagement leads and contacts each month. Cancel any time.


Cancel any time

ONE EVENT would pay for an entire year's subscription and ONE MONTH of leads will help you kick-start and grow your speaking!  This is the fuel you need! Below are even more additional conference, expo and training events from the PAID Event Calendar who have budget to book speakers!!

National Association of Social Workers Nat'l Conference
Realtors Annual Convention & Expo
Kentucky Association of School Administrators
National Farmers Union Anniversary Convention
Montana & Wyoming Bankers Annual Convention
Int'l Institute of Municipal Clerks Annual Conference
Credit Union Business Development Conference
PACE Convention & Expo
National Art Education Association
American Institute of Architects Convention
American Rental Association Show
Nat'l Association of School Nurses Annual Conference
Missouri Trucking Association Safety Conference
Colorado Association of School Executives Convention
Nat'l Utility Contractors Association Annual Convention
American Massage Therapy Association Convention
Texas Community College Association Conference
Nat'l Association for Home Care & Hospice Conference
Idaho Housing and Finance Association Conference
Association of Superintendents Conference
Hospital Association Leadership Conference
Society of Association Executives Annual Conference
Student Financial Aid Personnel Conference
Government Finance Officers Association Conference
Mutual Insurance Association Annual Meeting
Hospitality Training Conference
Annual Talent Management Conference
Mortgage Bankers Association Nat'l Conference
Nat'l Association of Home Builders Leadership Forum
Nat'l Business Aviation Association Leader Conference
Human Resource Executive Leadership Conference
National School Boards Association Symposium
National Association of Realtors Broker Summit
American Immigration Lawyers Assoc Annual Conference
Arizona Health Care Association Expo
Society for Corporate Governance Nat'l Conference
American Pharmacists Association
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities Summit
Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference
Association of Leadership Educators Annual Conference


North American Rail Shippers Annual Meeting
SHRM Missouri State Conference
Group Sales Summit
National Customer Service Association Conference
Health & Safety Conference & Trade Show
National Council for Marketing Annual Conference
Philly SHRM Symposium
International Restaurant & Foodservice Show
NIGP Forum
Space Coast HR Conference
Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting
The Recurring Revenue Conference
Healthcare Leadership Symposium
AANC Education & Legislative Conference
Government Meeting Professionals Annual Meeting
HR Virginia Annual Conference
Association of Fund-Raising and Suppliers Conference
Middle & High School Principals Convention
School Board Officers Leadership Conference
Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners
California HR Advocacy and Legislative Conference
San Diego Society of Human Resource Management
ATD International Conference & Exposition
Rural Health Care Symposium
Annual Nursing Summit
Colleges and Employers Leadership Symposium
American Institute of CPAs Conference
Association of College Administrators Conference
Painting Contractors Association Expo
Annual Safety Directors’ Conference
National Association of Credit Management Expo
Louisiana Health Information Mgmnt Convention
Michigan Veterinary Conference
Wisconsin REALTORS Association Convention
California Workforce Association WORKCON
American Bankers Association Convention
Search and Staffing Association Conference
Financial Management Conference
Texas Apartment Association Conference

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting

Airport Experience Conference
Event Service Professionals Annual Conference
The Midwest Foodservice Expo
Home Care Association Convention
Lincoln Healthcare Leadership Series
Mountain West Credit Union Association Convention
National Mortgage Professional Conference
Health Information Association Annual Conference
State Bar Annual Meeting and Conference
Banking Executives Conference
Professional Dairy Producers Annual Conference
Healthcare Mgmnt Association Annual Conference
Wisconsin Governor's Conference
Commercial Real Estate Conference and Expo
Legal Administrators National Conference
Outdoor Retailer Show and Expo
National Ski Areas Association Tradeshow
North American Commencement Officers Conference
Association of Health Care Facilities Annual Meeting
American Alliance of Museum’s Annual Meeting
Nat'l School Boards Association Annual Conference
National Parking Association Convention
Mutual Insurance Convention
Minnesota State Auctioneer Association Conference
Association of REALTORS® Convention
Funeral Directors Association Convention
Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health Conference
Society of Safety Professionals Conference
Southwest Safety Conference
PLRB Claims Conference
South Dakota Health Care Association Institute
Annual Assisted Living Conference
Medical Group Mgmt Association Conference
Center for Assisted Living Spring Expo
Virginia Health Care Association Expo
Destinations International CEO Summit
Machinery Dealers National Association

Administrative Professionals Conference

National Education Assoc Annual Meeting

Any business investment should be considered a legitimate "business expense" and tax deduction.  Consult your CPA/tax advisor.  Your purchase of any business expense is a business write off. Plus, you can cancel at any time.



Are these guaranteed events to hire you?

The PAID Event Calendar guarantees these events hire speakers at the time of being added to our database. It does not guarantee you will be booked to speak, but it provides you with the people who do the booking!  This was not a resource I had when I first started speaking!  This should be a GAME CHANGER for you.


What if I'm just starting out in speaking?

Even better to help you accelerate your speaking from the beginning!!  The calendar is ideal for speakers at any level - from just starting out to intermediate to seasoned professional.  It's an incredible resource designed to help you accelerate your speaking engagements and provide you with access to conference organizers who seek out speakers.  You'll be able to apply the calendar events with Module 3 in PAID to $PEAK!


What if I'm not ready to reach out yet?

What makes you think that?  How long have you been telling yourself that and believing a negative assumption?  "Not feeling ready" or "good enough" will hold you back more than anything else?  Don't settle for convincing yourself you're not ready.  I've been speaking for 20+ years now and I'm learning something new every single speech.  Believe you're ready to grow and you will.  Every speaker has room for improvement!  If you don't feel ready, I'd encourage you to consider a 1:1 coaching call with me to help get clarity on next steps and moving yourself forward and through that mindset.  That's an invaluable aspect of coaching and support.


What if I missed out on an event?

What makes the calendar so incredible is that these events are held annually.  This means if you missed out on 2021, you'll have 2022, 2023 and beyond to have on your calendar! 


How do I know if some groups are a fit?

Some groups might not seem like a fit based on what you're looking for, but I would still reach out!  They might be looking for an outside speaker who is unique and different.  The majority of clients I have spoken for the past several years (click here) I never would have felt a fit to reach out to them.  For example, the International Erosion Control Association hired me as a keynote speaker because they wanted someone outside their industry to kick-off their conference.  Once again, never assume you're not a fit or not good enough.  Let them decide!  It's all about position yourself.  Use this calendar to reach out!


Is there a free trial?

No, I value this content too much to just give it away.  We did create a $25 monthly subscription to provide a low-entry price point.  You can cancel at any time.  


Are these virtual events or face-to-face?

2021 looks to be mostly virtual, although you potentially might have some events hybrid.  So it depends.  Some events will adjust as well and their website will announce any changes!  This is one reason to have a solid speaking contract to protect you from any postponements or cancellations.  I include a sample contract in "The Vault" that protects me from Force Majeure cancellations.  My new contract has already saved me $20,000+ in speaking fees and you have access to this and many more resources for your speaking.  Check out "The Vault!"


Are these events you’ve spoken at personally?

I will be speaking at several of them, but that's because of this calendar!!  These are events put together for me, so I'm excited to have all these opportunities.  PLUS, most of these events are hiring multiple keynote and breakout session speakers.  So you'll have several opportunities potentially for each event!


Which option do you recommend for speakers just starting out?

Go BIG or go home!   Why go small if speaking is a business you're serious about?  You can change your subscription level at any time.


How much do these events pay?

It depends.  These aren't one size fits all. Some events might be $1,500 - $2,500 and some could be $10,000+. Think of it this way ... if JUST ONE EVENT could pay for an entire year's subscription, would that be a good return on your investment?  Absolutely, and BY FAR!!  So the potential ROI for you is enormous.  You won't have an ROI if you don't invest in yourself and your business.


Can you change your subscription level?

Yes, at any time.


Can a subscriber unsubscribe at any time if they aren’t seeing results?

Yes, absolutely. If you aren't seeing any results, I would love to hear from you to see your sample outreach.  I could provide some strategies to help you.


As a speaker, what are best practices for sending communications to these contacts?

I recommend you get a copy of my book, PAID to $PEAK, to see samples of how I outreach.  I've also included several samples inside "The Vault!"


Are these events arranged by location or date?

No. These are randomly selected opportunities hosting events and seeking speakers throughout 2021 and beyond.  Furthermore, since virtual events will be the most common delivery medium in 2021, the "location" will be virtual.


Can you query all the events and just pick the events you want?

No, unfortunately.  However, you will receive all the event names regardless of your subscription level.  So you will be able to see all the 200+ events each month but only have the contact information for the number of events you've paid.


Can you provide the contact info in an excel spreadsheet?

Yes, you will receive access to the spreadsheet for the number of events you subscribed.


What if I don't have a virtual studio or have virtual delivery ready?

Now's your time to get ready my friend!  I encourage you to check out Speaking Professionally Toastmasters to help you with your virtual delivery and provide you with practice opportunities.  You'll receive amazing feedback and suggestions to further develop and polish your speaking.  Also, if you don't have a dedicated virtual space somewhere to present, I recommend you download my FREE Virtual Studio guide with equipment and consider setting up a time to speak with me about helping you get the right equipment and set up.


Have a question I did not answer?  Send an email to and I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours. 

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TEDx Speaker Coaching

Learn how to apply, be selected and/or prepare for a TEDx speech that should change your life + speaking business!

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Speaker Mastermind

Connect with an incredible peer group of speakers throughout the month + LIVE Q&A with me directly + webinar each month



Over $20,000 in resources that I personally use in my own speaking business. Use samples and templates I've created!

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PAID Event Calendar

STOP wasting time on events that don't pay!  My event calendar gives you access to up to 200 events each month that hire speakers!

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Speaking Professionally Toastmasters

Elevate and improve your in-person and virtual speaking presence and skill set with our unique club of speakers!

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Virtual Studio Coaching

Serious about speaking but don't have a virtual studio?  Let me help you create a budget-friendly studio that WOWs!

Don't have a professional DEMO VIDEO, SPEAKER PACKET, WEBSITE OR BOOK?  Let me help. 

My Ultimate Speaker Package provides it all for you. 

Kevin Snyder Ultimate Speaker
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