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Upcoming Call for Programs You Need to Know About

Do you speak to college students ... or want to? Whether or not you think your keynote presentation is suited for college audiences, know that it likely is. With a few small content tweaks, you can open up an entirely new audience base. This is what I did years ago, in reverse, when I started speaking to corporate audiences. At the time, I didn't think my college keynote content was suited for professionals. I got in my own way for years! The assumptions I made were not only wrong, but they were based in my own lack of confidence. If only I knew then how bad I was limiting my speaking business. Now, roughly 50% of my speaking business comes from colleges and high schools, and the other 50% comes from professional audiences of all types. So why am I sharing this all with you? #1: Because college audiences PAY WELL! If you think otherwise, you and I should have a conversation ... and an intervention! You're doing now what I did back then, and it inhibited my speaking business! #2: Because if you've ever considered speaking to college audiences, which you should, then it's imperative you know about THE PANACEA of student conferences to speak at --- it's called AFLV and their conference Call for Programs are due by September 13. I'm giving you the link below.


Note: I've spoken at AFLV 6 times. Last conference resulted in 41 inquiries for my speaking afterward. The proof is in the pudding, and this picture lays it all out for you ... literally.


If you want to get PAID speaking gigs at college campuses all over the country, you need to submit to speak at this conference. Students don't book speakers they haven't seen. ** Before you submit your Call for Programs though, here are a few tips: 1. Don't wait to the last minute! 2. Tailor your proposal for both their theme and the audience ("they" expect this) 3. Aim for having at least 2 of your proposals accepted 4. Know that you'll need to submit at least 4 proposals to have 2 accepted. 5. Contact me for any questions. I'm happy to schedule a coaching call to not only review your proposal, but also provides tips and suggestions to help your proposals be selected by the conference committee.

Click image below to learn more & submit your proposal!


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In addition to my own speaking business, I have a passion for helping and coaching speakers develop their own. Whether it's in crafting a speech, identifying target groups who can pay, and/or how to get the speaking gig itself, I can help. I've keynoted over 1,150 presentations in practically every industry you can imagine. My book, PAID to SPEAK, outlines a proven model for speakers. If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, contact me for a free consultation. I don't want you to flounder like I did and be frustrated. If you're not a subscriber to these speaker articles, submit your email today!


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