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3 questions I ask myself after every speech

Every time I speak, I ask myself 3 very important questions which have helped me continually learn and grow my speaking business:

  1. What went well?

  2. What needs to improve?

  3. What will never happen again?

I am always seeking ways to get better and better, so I usually have plenty of answers for #2 and #3!

If you watched my SHRM keynote yesterday, you would understand. A LOT went wrong behind-the-scenes.

My new virtual studio (upstairs attic!) had an unexpected last-minute issue and I was hammering shiplap onto the walls and reinstalling cables up until my introduction! Needless to say, I was a bit distracted even during my presentation.

Good news is that a few of those "things" that happened will never happen again. I learn from every presentation = "lessons earned."

I encourage you to learn from every presentation yourself --- the most painful ones will teach you the most. I've had them ... and obviously still do which is why I'm being transparent with you. It's OK. Just learn from it.

But if a speaker isn't reflecting after each presentation and seeking ways to affirm what went well and what needs to improve, they are building blind spots and bad habits. And I see this all the time.

Practice does not make perfect if you're not practicing the right way. And if something goes unexpectedly wrong, learn from it so it can make you better.

Speaking of practice and growth, Speaking Professionally Toastmasters (SPT) meets on Tuesday, March 1.

Purpose of SPT is to offer safe, practice opportunities for our members, receive feedback and glean ideas to further improve. Our club also provides an incredible platform to watch other speakers, numerous resources and templates for professional speakers and a private Facebook group to engage with each other and share ideas and ask questions.

Prior to our speaker breakouts, we also hold Q&A sessions on specific topics. Upcoming topics include:

  • virtual studio set up tips

  • speaker packets and 'One Pagers'

  • demo videos

  • speaker websites

If you'd like to join us for a future meeting at 11:45am EST (we start at 12pm), here's your Zoom link to join:

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters (SPT) is your opportunity to practice your speaking and receive invaluable group feedback from other aspiring and seasoned speakers.

Contrary to the popular mantra, practice does NOT make perfect!"

If you're practicing the wrong way, you're actually building bad habits.

Over time, those "bad habits" cement into your delivery and content making it harder and harder to make positive change when you're stuck doing what you've always done.

So if you're not practicing your speech and getting the feedback needed to improve, then you're not improving either.

A great speech, proven and tested by others, is the #1 way to ensure a successful speaking business.

Lists don't matter. Great websites don't matter. Demo videos don't matter. Nothing matters if your speech needs works.

Because for speakers, the "product" of their business is the value and quality of their speech. The speaker is only the messenger. (note: this took me 5 years to figure out ... and the hard way!)

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters' mission and purpose is to help our members improve and grow our speaking businesses.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 12pm - 1:30pm EST if you'd like to attend as my guest.

We open up early at 11:45am for pre-meeting connection.

Click here to learn more about SPT and how our club helps members build their speaking businesses. Our club will help get you ready!

If you plan to join us for the meeting, click here to request a guest pass and meeting link.

Earn greatness today! Onward and upward!


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