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3 Reasons Why NOW is Actually a Good Time to Prepare a Speaking Business

Most people might "assume" now is actually not an ideal time to launch a business of any kind let alone a speaking business.

Don't be like most people. Think different to achieve success. When most people won't, that's when you should.

Over the next few months, the speaker field is going to be weeded out, respectfully. A lot of speakers won't make it and they'll blame the virus and the economy. They just didn't adjust the right way.

I want to help you adjust ... and launch!

My video below shares 3 reasons why NOW is a great time to prepare a speaking business.

NOW is your time to plant new seeds that will grow a future reality of you being your own boss. Not overnight of course, but over time.

Speakers are problem solvers and there are lots of problems to be solved right now and in the next coming months.

When I resigned my "day job" as a Dean of Students at High Point University, it was admist the Great Recession.

When I wrote my first book, I was unemployed and collecting unemployment. I finally had that "time" I always complained about never having. One week after sending the manuscript to my publisher, I was offered a position for a job I never even applied for.

Right now your mindset will dictate future results. If you desire to get into speaking, this is your moment to make a decision to move forward.

How do you plan to move forward without help knowing where to start?

Don't listen to that inside voice telling you to just play it safe and keep that day job working for someone else.

How is that day job treating you? How is that security of employment making you feel certain and comfortable right now?

As I share with my audiences, "Adversity doesn't define us. it reveals us."

If you expect to speak professionally - whether part time or full time - NOW is an ideal time to work ON your speaking business so you can be busy IN it 6 months and one year from now.

I was motivated to write this post for you because just today alone, I had two inquiries for onsite conferences in January. I also received confirmation of an onsite national conference this November. I was expecting them to go virtual. That's 3 onsite speaking engagements in one day.

But those aren't my 3 reasons!

Watch this video below to hear 3 reasons why I feel NOW is actually a great time to prepare a speaking business ...

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Here's how to claim your complimentary $249 coaching call (Schedule by June 1 - call can be in later June)


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