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Group Speaker Coaching Programs beginning ...

* June program begins week of June 9

** The most common question I am receiving is, "What day and time will sessions be held?"

Answer: once all applications are reviewed and we select the small group cohort, we will find the best time that works for everyone. Our weekly session could be on a Sunday or a Tuesday (for example) and could be early morning, afternoon or early evening. We'll find a time that works for everyone!

Building a speaking business is not much different than planting a garden. You need the right soil, the right seeds, sunlight, water, patience, and time to pull weeds before you can harvest any fruit or vegetables.

A garden doesn't grow unless you do. Neither does a speaking business - or any business for that matter. Regardless of the type of business, it requires training, knowledge and resources just to get started and have a shot at being successful.

The reality is most speakers struggle when doing it on their own, end up getting in their own way and ultimately quit before they even really get started.

I nearly quit when I first started speaking. If you have my revised 2020 edition of PAID to $PEAK, then you have access to an updated Preface where I transparently reveal how difficult it was for me at the very beginning:

  • I started my full-time speaking during the Great Recession,

  • I was so broke I once didn’t have gas money to drive home after a speaking gig,

  • I pulled money out of my 401K to invest in coaching, twice,

  • I doubted myself constantly and got in my own way,

  • … etc.!

My passion, grit and belief in myself was greater than the adversity I faced though. My coaches were tremendously helpful as well. In fact, I should really credit my coaches Mike and Kirk who both kept me from quitting and guided me through a specific process to find PAID speaking engagements.

Since I launched my speaking, I'm humbled to have presented keynotes and training workshops to over 1,150 audiences in all 50 states and around the world. I speak to high school/college students and professional audiences in practically every industry you can imagine.

If you have the drive, passion, grit and hunger to become a professional speaker and, for the right reasons, then you might be a an excellent for my 1:1 coaching or group coaching programs. As long as you're "coachable," I'll coach you to do what I've done and live your dream of speaking and inspiring audiences.

** I most enjoy working with aspiring speakers who have little-to-experience because they are the most coachable!! The most difficult coaching clients of mine are seasoned speakers with bad habits they are not willing to break! They have too many stubborn blind spots.

So never assume you're not smart enough, good enough, old enough, young enough, or "whatever enough" to have a successful speaking business.

** You don't need to climb Mt. Everest, be a Navy Seal or be a best-selling author to become a successful speaker. You need a proven process to follow and a guide to show you the path.

I sincerely believe my speaking success is replicable if you follow my process for how to GET READY, AIM, and FIRE to find PAID speaking engagements.

You must have proven strategy, clear goals and accountability to ensure you're doing it and the right way.

To help serious speakers use the next 2-3 months very wisely to build their speaking business and be ready for PAID speaking engagements, I am thrilled to announce my PAID to $PEAK Group Coaching Program! It’s a 5-week program guiding a small cohort of serious speakers through my PAID to $PEAK process to earn PAID speaking engagements.

The 5-week program offers a price-point that works for practically every budget, even the folks who have no budget at all! I offer installment plans as well.

The outcome of my group program is that you will know exactly where to start and how to finish preparing your speaking business. Now is actually an exceptional time to do this!

You’ll be clear on what is required to earn $2,500+ per speech if not far more. Once you start making $500 - $1,000 consistently, you'll know how to raise your fees to the $2,500 / $5,000 / $10,000 levels and beyond!

I'm not suggesting it will be easy, but if you have the needed grit and are coachable, you'll be in a much different place 6 months from now ... I guarantee it! You'll also my help and accountability to get this done!

In just 5 weeks, as a member of my Group Coaching Program you will know how to create and run a speaking business. But as I say to my audiences, "it’s not what you know, it’s what you apply!"

Benefits of my PAID to $PEAK Group Coaching Program:

  • All sessions are virtual using Zoom (sessions recorded for you as well)

  • 5 group coaching sessions held weekly by me; interactive with polls, Q&A from you, etc. 

  • Each weekly session I guide you through my book, PAID to $PEAK, outlining my process in a group webinar, taking you behind-the-scenes, and answering your questions

  • You'll have the opportunity to be paired up with an accountability partner to bounce ideas off of and share feedback 1:1. Your 1:1 partner could be ME! This also helps with accountability.

  • All members must apply and be approved by me. This means, only truly committed aspiring speakers are in your group cohort. (Part-time speaking is OK!)

  • You will receive a complimentary Speaker Assessment where I review all your current material and provide an assessment for you with recommendations. If you don't have anything, or much, then we know where to start and I will provide guidance!

  • Option to add additional 1:1 coaching sessions with me to review your material, provide weekly feedback, and answer your questions privately.

  • … and much more!!

(Additional Options and Special Pricing Below!)

Next Upcoming Group Coaching Program:

Begins June 9 (5 weeks) -- once cohort confirmed, we'll confirm schedules for everyone. Likely 7pm on Mondays!

Pricing Options: 

Option 1:  Group coaching sessions only - ($1,500 value). Your price is only $349*

Option 2:  Option 1 + two 1:1 sessions with me + 1 month Mastermind + 1 month "The Vault" - ($3,500 value). Your price is only $1,249*

[NEW] Option 3:  Option 2 + additional 1:1 session (3 total) + UNLIMITED access to me during program + behind-the-scenes invites + 6 months "Speaker Mastermind" membership + lifetime access to "The Vault" + my book bundle - ($6,500 value). Your price is only $2,499*

* [NEW!] Your spouse or significant other can join you complimentary! You can split the cost with them or gift them a complimentary spot with your enrollment. In my current group program I have a father/son AND a couple taking advantage of a 2-4-1 discount where they complete the program together.

* Installments can be available. Inquire.

Not everyone is a fit for this program. Desire and "coachability" are essential. See application.

(a) After completing the application, (b) send your application to to be eligible for the discount offer. Include any questions you have for me in your email. (c) After my review, I will contact you.

If you have questions or would like to speak with me to explore other coaching options, click here to schedule a call with me.

Don't expect any changes unless you're willing to make one. This is true in life, leadership, and most definitely in a speaking business.

I'm excited to help you launch or grow your speaking business! If you invest in yourself, I'll invest my time in you and your speaking business.

Contact me with any questions!

  To Your Speaking Success,

                        ~  Kevin

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