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Answers from the Q&A webinar + $25 option for the PAID Event Calendar!! 🔥

I hosted a free webinar last week to answer questions about a brand new resource that should differentiate your speaking business - the PAID Event Calendar. Several of the questions inspired me to already make changes to the way I was offering the calendar. For example, now there is a $25 option and all options regardless of your subscription level provide you with names of all 200+ events! As a reminder, the calendar provides you with 200+ events that seek out and HIRE SPEAKERS. In my 20+ years of speaking, I've never seen a resource like this. Nothing even close to this existed when I first started speaking.

Below are some of the questions I answered during the webinar.

As I say to my audiences, "opportunities are never lost; rather, they are just passed along to someone else."

Sample questions below

Are these guaranteed events to hire you? What if I'm just starting out in speaking? What if I'm not ready to reach out yet? What if I missed out on an event? How do I know if some groups are a fit? Can I get a free trial? Are these virtual events or face-to-face? Are these events you’ve spoken at personally? Which option do you recommend for speakers just starting out? How much do these events pay? Can you change your subscription level? Can a subscriber unsubscribe at any time if they aren’t seeing results? As a speaker, what are best practices for sending communications to these contacts? Are these events arranged by location or date? Can you query all the events and just pick the events you want? Can you provide the contact info in an excel spreadsheet? What if I don't have a virtual studio or have virtual delivery ready?

One of the biggest challenges speakers have is finding speaking engagements that have budget to PAY SPEAKERS. I'm answering this problem for you. Envision how different 2021 will be for your speaking business when you … 1. Receive fresh, warm speaking and training leads every single month 2. Have confidence these leads hire speakers for their events and trainings Whether you provide keynotes, trainings, workshops, consultations or all the above, the PAID Event Calendar will solve the biggest problem you’re likely to face as a speaker. The calendar is is a GAME CHANGER for you and your speaking business in 2021 and beyond. With the PAID Event Calendar, you receive: * Event name, website & event date * Host organization & background info * Contact info/person who books speakers * Event agenda * ... and more!!

The PAID Event Calendar is generated by a speakers bureau who has previously booked speakers for all types of events - human resources, associations, healthcare, banking, real estate, education, women's leadership, CEO groups, financial institutions, colleges, high schools, teachers, insurance, sales, government, construction and other various types of industry-specific groups. Speaking opportunities include keynotes, breakout sessions, training needs, emcee engagements, and more! I guarantee that this resource will introduce you to associations and industries you've never heard about until now. You'll discover state associations and conferences that you can expand 49 times more!

For readers of my book, PAID to $PEAK, I offer a complimentary 1:1 Strategy Session once you complete the book. Click here to schedule your session if you have a copy of the book.

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