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Leveraging a book for website opt-in's

Not every speaking gig goes as well as others. Some are what I call "teachable moments" to only learn what NOT to do ever again. I don't like them, but I sure learn a heck more from them than any other type of speech. However, I love the "nail-on-the-head" speeches because these are those moments we live for as speakers. This is that moment where the audience stands up to thank you for crafting a message that inspires them and where you are recognized for providing a meaningful message. Last week was one of those gigs that went well ... I'd say it hit the nail on the head. You can still watch a portion on my Facebook page here as I shared it LIVE. How do I know whether my speech went really well or not? Interestingly, gauging the success of a speech has nothing to do with what I think. Rather, it's what the audience thinks, the meeting planner who hired me thinks, and what the event organizer who hosted the event thinks. And based on the immediate feedback (click here), the standing ovation, and the SOLD OUT line next to my book signing table, it went WELL! Here's a picture I took from the back of the room a few minutes before going on stage.

The focus of this "Speaker Tip" though is how I leveraged my book and website to generate HUNDREDS of new subscribers to my email newsletter while I was still on stage!

If you’re a speaker and don’t have a website or opt-in on your website, then you are limited to how you build your list and your business will be negatively impacted. So watch my short video below to learn my system for constantly building my contact list.

Running a speaking business successfully (or really any type of business) requires that you have a system for collecting emails, connecting with them on social media, and then keeping in touch with them!

They likely don't need a speaker on the same day they meet you, so how will you be remembered when they DO?

Enjoy watching below!


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