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"$peaker Talk" interview with Deborah Gardner about the meeting and events industry

"$peaker Talk" is an interview series with professional speakers about insights of the speaking business. In these short talks, you'll learn tips and lessons from speakers who have paved the way to launching a successful speaking business. You'll take away strategies to apply in your own professional speaking!


Deborah Gardner has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality and meeting and events industry. She is also an amazing professional speaker who I have seen in action speaking. She's also great friend of mine.

Here are some highlights from my conversation with Deborah Gardner:

* Definition of the hospitality industry and how it impacts speakers

* How the meetings and events industry has been impacted by covid-19

* Future forecast and predictions within the hospitality industry

* How Deborah got started in the meetings industry

* How Deborah got started in speaking!

* Perception of speakers to meetings and events industry

* Should you be the same person on stage as off stage?

* Why NOW is a great time for speakers to prepare

* How she envisions meetings changing and shifting

* Why she focuses on speaking to audiences in the meetings and events industry

* Advice on where to start if you're just starting out in speaking

* Tips on how speakers can identify target audiences

* Her motto that she's known for

... and much more!

To Your Speaking Success,


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