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Ideas for immediate speaking leads early 2020

Are you pleased with the amount of speaking engagements you've had in 2020? Is 2020 your year to really launch your speaking and grow it to new levels like never before? In fact, what if 2020 could be the year where you finally become your own boss, elevate your speaking ability, and begin traveling the country (and world!) inspiring audiences along the way ... all while getting PAID doing it? This reality is possible for you if you apply the right strategies now through early 2020. I became my own boss and resigned my "dream job" on January 2, 2012 to go "all in" on building my speaking business. Within six months I had eleven keynotes lined up. And because I'm living proof, I believe you can have the same result ... in fact, you can do it even quicker! If you have been reviewing my previous blog posts for speakers, then you already know MORE THAN I DID when I first started speaking. I don't know what 2019 has been like for you, but if building your speaking business is one of your goals in 2020, then this "blog's for you ..." I'm looking back through my previous posts from 2019 and pulling out the most practical ones that will help you get speaking engagements quickly in 2020. If you're serious about speaking engagements in 2020, then you've got just about ONE WEEK LEFT to take action on my recommendations. By this December holiday any type of meeting planner or event organizer is gone for the holidays. If they did need a speaker for a January or February or March event, they will have already booked them. So this next week you have to get real focused, committed, and strategic. Follow guidance from these blogs and you'll get some speaking engagements on the calendar early 2020. 1. Know where to start in building a speaking business. Speaking can seem so overwhelming and intimidating ... but it doesn't have to be that way. Know where to start and what's most important. Read more here ... 2. Know what meeting planners need to book you. Especially for paid speaking engagements, any event organizer or professional meeting planner will expect certain things to book a speaker. This blog outlines 3 deliverables meeting planners expect from speakers. Read more here ... 3. Know how to select the right target audience and industry. If a speaker is not speaking to the right audience, then the are going to struggle. In fact, they likely will not make it. The right target audience in the right industry is crucial for launching into speaking and growing a successful speaking business. Read more here ... 4. Know when and how to set speaking fee. Knowing when and how much to charge for speaking sets apart professional speakers from everyone else. Speaking fee is psychological and strategic. I struggled through it when I first started. But then I realized several criteria. Read more here ... 5. Know how to find PAID speaking engagements. It takes work to find speaking engagements whether PAID or not. But when you're looking for speaking engagements that actually pay, then you enter into a different realty of expectations. There's also a different process for it. Read more here ... 6. Download my new Speech Review Template. Presenting a speech does not make anyone a speaker. It means they spoke. So in my opinion, what makes someone a speaker is that they have a business in speaking - meaning, they are getting paid to speak consistently. In order to craft a speech so darn good that people rave about it, leave amazing reviews, offer you referrals, and inquire with you to speak, you need to design your speech like a professional speech. My Speech Review Template will help you do just that. Read more here ... 7. Know how to up your speaking business. Speaking professionally is much, much more than speaking. In fact, speaking is just a small portion of operating a successful speaking business. I'd encourage you to download my FREE Speaking Business Checklist. Read more here ... BONUS ... Know how to set up Google Alerts so speaking engagements find you. If you're not familiar with Google Alerts, then you're missing out on speaking engagements finding you! It's easy to do as I walk you through in my book, PAID to $PEAK: How to become a professional speaker. I'd encourage you to get a copy here. In fact, below is an image of some speaking leads that came to me just yesterday because I set up my own Google Alerts properly.

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