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How I design my speeches to ensure audience engagement

Below I'm gifting you with Module 2 from my PAID to $PEAK Online Course because I feel it is the most important Module helping you earn PAID speaking engagements consistently. If you're out there speaking but not getting referrals, there is a reason why. Your speech needs work.

Module 2 will not only help you, it'll guide you. It's based on solid learning methodology that teachers and professional facilitators apply when designing lesson plans and curriculum. Every time you speak you should be getting referrals directly and indirectly. Last year the majority of my speaking business came from referral. Reason why is because I knew how to design and deliver a content-rich speech that was engaging, educational and empowering ... my three "E's." I explain this in more detail inside the video Module. But maybe your content is scattered. Perhaps your delivery needs some polish. Or maybe you're just not confident and it is showing. All the above? I dunno. Unless you asked me to look at your speech or watch you present, I will not prescribe before making a diagnosis. I do know this though ... a great presentation will always be referred. My Module 2 will guide you.

A great presentation is a prerequisite for earning PAID speaking engagements consistently. Most speakers don't have one yet ... but they think they do.

If you don't feel your presentation is proven and ready to aim and fire, then nothing else matters except to work on your speech. FOCUS on your speech first and foremost. And for those of you who think your speech is ready, how do you know? Your Toastmasters group and circle of friends might tell you it's great, but why isn't it getting referred and HIRED by business professionals, executives and meeting planners? Again, the GOOD NEWS is that a "ready" speech will always get referred. It'll also stand OUT and get you HIRED.

Inside the Preface of my PAID to $PEAK book and Online Course, I reveal the struggles, frustrations and failures experienced at the beginning of my speaking journey. If you have not gone through the Preface, well, I'd start there and have a cocktail or a coffee on hand with pen and paper. Knowing what I know now --- 20 years of speaking and 1,500+ presentations later --- if I was you and desiring to land PAID for speaking engagements consistently as a side hustle or a full-time speaking business, I'd focus only on my speech development, design and practice. I would not be investing $$ in a website, demo video or a speaker packet yet until my speech was ready. Nor would I be investing $$ in CRM systems or time in outreach or submitting for RFP's or speaker proposals at conferences.

If you don't have a proven speech, nothing else matters until you do.

I walk you through how to design a proven speech throughout Module 2 of PAID to $PEAK. I give you resources along the way, my techniques, my Speaker Storyboard process ... and I define what "proven presentation" actually means. So watch this Module below. It's the 2nd Module of a total of 5 Modules that comprise my PAID to $PEAK Online Course. And please remember:

"Nothing else matters in a speaking business if the speech needs work. The speech is the product of a speaking business. The speaker is just the messenger."

I wish I understood this much earlier. It would saved me so much time, money and frustration.

Speaking Professionally Toastmasters is how you practice your speech, get the feedback you need, and get it polished and ready ... our next meeting is Tuesday, February 7th. Click here to request an invitation.

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Earn greatness today! Onward and upward!


Want to speak professionally, part-time or full-time?

Not getting PAID speaking engagements?

I've been honored to present for over 1,000,000 people through 1,150+ audiences in all 50 states and several countries. Whether I'm on a stage or in a training room with professionals or students, I absolutely LOVE motivating and inspiring people for higher performance. And in addition to my own speaking business, I have a passion for helping and coaching speakers learn how to catapult their speaking whether part-time or full-time. My book, PAID to SPEAK, outlines a proven model for speakers and is now an online course as well! Click here for online course info!

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, explore my coaching and mentorship options. I don't want you to flounder like I did and be frustrated.


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