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Free copy of PAID to $PEAK!

My book, PAID to $PEAK: How to Become a Professional Speaker, is newly revised in 2020 with dozens of updates, new templates and more current examples. I've also added an eBook and Audiobook version!

The version I published in 2015 is still really, really good and relevant, but a LOT has changed in the speaking industry since then. Also, after launching my 1:1 speaker coaching and working with dozens of aspiring speakers, I've refined and polished my blueprint that does an even better job walking you step-by-step through starting and growing a successful speaking business.

After reading the book, you'll know exactly where to start, how to outline your signature speech, how to find your target audiences, how to verify whether they can pay speakers, AND how to find PAID speaking engagements at the $3,500, $8,500 and $10,000+ levels.

Exclusive website only for readers Along with my newly revised interior, I've also created a new website link exclusively for readers where you can download free worksheets for each module as well as download my scripts, templates, sample speaking proposals and examples of everything I mention in the book ... no one else except readers of the NEW BOOK have this access!

Complimentary 1:1 coaching call ($249 value!) To top it off further, I've even added a limited 1:1 coaching call option where readers benefit from being able to schedule a coaching call with me directly within 30 days of getting the book. 

Question:  If you have a copy of the "older" version of the book, should you get the revised copy?

Answer:  Yes, absolutely! You'll benefit from fresh new content, an exclusive website with free downloads, your free 1:1 coaching call, and a polished blueprint model you can replicate to build your own speaking business.

To help you make this as easy as possible, I've scheduled my book to be FREE on February 11 only!  Simply click my book on Amazon (click here or the image below) on February 11th and you can download a complimentary copy.

If you prefer print books, you can order the book at retail price and the new interior will come to you within 3 days. You must order the print book through Passion Project Amazon seller to receive the complimentary 1:1 coaching call ($249 value)!

The Audiobook version has been approved and we're patiently waiting for it to be listed on my Amazon product page.

Note: Not an eBook reader? I'd encourage you to reconsider for this book, especially to not miss out on the way I've designed my eBook with live hyperlinks showing you examples throughout the book! Also, eBooks allow you to highlight text and add comments that you can export. As you read through the eBook, you can export your own "cliff notes" afterward rather than having to flip through the book all over. I am more of a print book person myself, but I read eBooks and listen to Audiobooks occasionally.

Recommendation for print book readers: At least download the eBook version for free (only on Tuesday, Feb 11!) and then order your print book too. Why "knot" download a free book? You'll have access to links you would not have otherwise in the print book! 

If you know of anyone else that is interested in building a speaking business, mention this free download day to them! They'll appreciate you!

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 11th! 


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