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My interview with heyRED Speakers Agency

One of the most common questions I receive from speakers wanting to get into the speaking business is how to get represented by speakers bureaus and agencies.

What do speakers need ... or NOT need?

What do bureaus look for?

How do you reach out to bureaus?

With these questions in mind, I asked the Founder of heyRED Speakers Agency, Teresa Gitomer, to share her insights and suggestions about agency & bureau representation. We also define the difference between these two terms.

In this short video interview, Teresa shares insights that are valuable to speakers at ANY level! Simply click the image below to watch.

After watching feel free to reach out to me schedule a FREE consult about exploring how I can help you build and grow your speaking business. Click here to schedule your call:

Enjoy watching :)


Desire to become a professional speaker?

Not getting the speaking business you had hoped for?

In addition to my own speaking business, I have a passion for helping and coaching speakers develop their own. Whether it's in crafting a speech, identifying target groups who can pay, and/or how to get the speaking gig itself, I can help. I've keynoted over 1,150 presentations in practically every industry you can imagine. My book, PAID to SPEAK, outlines a proven model for speakers. If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, contact me for a free consultation. I don't want you to flounder like I did and be frustrated. If you're not a subscriber to these speaker articles, submit your email today!


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