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My interview with International Speech Contest winner, VIDYA RAMAN (Toastmasters D117)

Hear Vidya's tips and process on how she crafted an amazing speech that humbly WON her the International Speech Contest for Toastmasters District 117 last weekend.

It was such an amazing contest. All contestants presented impressive speeches.

In my conversation with Vidya, we talk about:

* how she came up with her speech idea

* her routine for practicing her speech and refining it constantly

* tips for speech crafting and audience connection

* lessons learned from the speech contest

* how she prepared just before the contest

* ... and much more!

"Speaker Talk" is an interview series I host with speakers and experts on various topics relating to the professional speaking industry. You can view more episodes on my blog here:

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Progress, not perfection ... onward to your speaking success!

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