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LIVE interview and Q&A with a Speakers Agent

In order to get booked by Speaker Bureaus and Agents, you need to know how they select speakers.
Most often, the speaker they select the one speaker by ruling everyone else out!

In this interview, I'll be interviewing one of my Speakers Agents who books professional speakers so you can learn from them what they are looking for.

You can join us LIVE or register to receive the recording.

You'll also benefit from hearing my perspective as a professional speaker for the past 20+ years.

This is your opportunity to get real serious about your future in speaking, especially amidst the covid pandemic because some speakers are already doing quite well presenting virtually.

Below are some sample questions I might be asking:

* What are types of events and venues are you most commonly asked to provide speakers for? Keynotes, trainings, consulting, retreats, emcee, etc.?

* What do conference organizers and executives generally look for when hiring a speaker?

* Since you represent several speakers, how do you know who to recommend? What's your process?

* Now that we're in a covid world where every single event has either been canceled, postponed, or gone virtual, what are conference organizers and executives looking for NOW?

* How do you know if a speaker is "ready" to be represented by you?

* How has the covid-19 pandemic impacted the speakers you work with?

* How have your speakers adapted to the virtual delivery world?

* You're also involved in many associations on Boards and committees ... what's their process for selecting speakers? How do they ultimately select "the ONE speaker" when comparing several options?

* What advice, maybe 2-3 quick starting suggestions, would you give someone who wants to get into speaking - whether you would represent them or not.

To Your Speaking Success,


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