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1st ever HYBRID keynote!

I've felt a bit of FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out - since writing my last post to you. Speaking, coaching and my personal family life have all been extremely busy.  We have a baby boy due early October(!) so my wife and I have been "nesting" as we finished up the nursery and a laundry list of other projects.

I've also presented 3 virtual keynotes and my first-ever HYBRID keynote to both an in-person and virtual audience at the same time.  You need to know that HYBRID events are going to be very popular moving forward. 

HYBRID events are where you are presenting to both an in-person audience as well as a virtual audience simultaneously.  You also need to know how to prepare for them. 

(note: stay tuned for a training video on how to do this!) So folks, despite what you might be "assuming" or hearing from another speaker who is giving you incorrect and bad advice, trainings, events and conferences have already picked back up for speakers who have stepped up and into the virtual speaker reality. I've already been writing this for the past 2 months.  If you're waiting for the in-person events to come back around, then ... as we say in the south, "Bless your heart!"  There are 3 types of people; people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and then people who wonder, "What the heck just happened?!" I'm here to help you move your speaking business forward. In times of adversity, it's time to differentiate.  And this year is an easy year to differentiate for speakers who are getting their virtual act together ... because most speakers aren't moving forward.  They are waiting and complaining.  And this shocks me. So look ... whether you're just starting out in paid speaking or you're seeking strategies to take it to the next level, there are many ways to move your speaking business forward right now.  There is "low hanging fruit" all around you.  Do you see it?  ONLY FOR SPEAKERS SERIOUS ABOUT GROWING THEIR BUSINESS ... click here to set up a complimentary session with me to explore how I can help you m ove your speaking business forward. Below is how I've been moving my speaking business forward just in the last 2 weeks!  I hope it empowers and helps motivate you to do the same.

... finalized my brand-new "Becoming a ShiftThinker™" keynote with a branded model

(note: I will be providing an upcoming training on how to design and outline a signature keynote as well as how to design a graphic model - stay tuned.) Click here to learn the 4 "ShiftThinker" principles.


... presented my first-ever HYBRID keynote at the NASPO Annual Conference!

(note: watch my keynote below)


... we launched the NSA Carolinas Speakers Academy to a max'd out group using PAID to $PEAK as the guiding textbook! (note: Have FOMO?? If you missed out enrolling, I will be offering a similar PAID to $PEAK Academy in a group coaching format as well as offering a version of the Academy On Demand at a ridiculous price point. Stay tuned!)  Click here for a previous blog outlining details on what the NSA Speakers Academy. entails.


... oh, and we are expecting our first baby boy any day now! I'm going to mention this again cuz I'm excited :)


(FINAL NOTICE from September 28 - October 2) ... if you purchased a revised 2020 copy of PAID to $PEAK since I launched it back in January 2020, I've extended the complimentary 1:1 Book Review Session.  This is a complimentary $250 value that I normally only allow within 30 days of book purchase. I will not be offering any more sessions after October 2 so I can focus all energies on my family, current speaking and coaching clients.


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