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My recent experience speaking for TEDxCapeMay

My TEDx talk was this past weekend @ TEDxCapeMay. WOW, unbelievable experience! Still so many lingering emotions.

Thanks to so many of you who wrote me with warm wishes and notes of positive encouragement. Means a lot.

It was a special weekend for so many reasons. Several close friends made the trip with me, I got to know my fellow TEDx speakers and my wife even joined the "fun." She and I stayed longer and turned it into a mini-vacay.

But most importantly, I feel like I delivered my talk and connected with my audience the way I humbly intended.

Did my speech go exactly as planned?

Heck no. In fact, the first 30 seconds I shifted the entire opening of my speech because my audience reacted in a way I NEVER expected!

It caught me off guard ... and I went with it! When you watch my talk you'll understand.

I had scripted out my talk but that didn't go exactly as planned either.

Forgot a few words and phrases and things didn't come out of my mouth like I expected in a few places. And again, I went with it!

In some places of my talk, what came out of my mouth was better than what I planned ... because I was in the moment.

My TEDx talk was the most important speech I've ever given. It was extremely personal and vulnerable. For the impact I intended to foster with my audience, it had to be authentic.

I shared a small part of my story from a boy’s perspective having depression and anorexia and more importantly how I discovered a new approach living with my past as a man.

In the middle of the talk I also shared a horrific experience that I've never shared publicly before.

We expect the full video of the talk to be published on the TED platform sometime in November.

Q & I = Questions and Insights

Q & A = Questions and Answers

Does anyone really have a perfect "answer?" I don't believe so. I believe we have "insights" ... this is why I call it Q & I.

Get the TEDx Q&I webinar recording addressing your questions!

  • What's the biggest mistake speakers make when 'pitching' a TEDx talk?

  • What's the specific process for getting selected?

  • What's the difference between presenting for TEDx and one of your paid professional presentations?

  • Which topics are most ideal for TEDx?

  • What is an example of a great idea?

  • How can you get paid for TEDx talks?

  • How can you receive residual or affiliate compensation from YouTube once your TEDx talk is published?

  • What are criteria that TEDx organizers look for in selecting speakers?

  • How did you specifically prepare for your upcoming TEDx talk?

  • Did your TEDxCapeMay talk go as planned?

  • Do TEDx events focus on speakers in their area or do they invite speakers from all over?

  • Where you nervous before presenting your TEDx talk?

  • How does someone get selected to speak at TEDx?

  • How does someone get started in preparing a quality TEDx talk?

  • Why only 18 minutes for TEDx?

  • How far out should you plan your TEDx submission?

Earn greatness today! Onward and upward!


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