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"$peaker Talk" interview with Stan Phelps, CSP

I've launched a new series called "$peaker Talk" where I interview some of the most successful speakers on the circuit. Learn from their insights!


Here are some of the highlights from my conversation with Stan Phelps, CSP: * What lead Stan to start speaking professionally * How Stan's first book helped launch his speaking * When/how Stan made the jump from corporate job to speaker * Risks Stan made when he first started speaking * How "ooching" starting off is crucial for speakers * Three things to know that you're ready for launching a speaking business * Stan's advice to anyone starting out in speaking * How many times should you be speaking per month * What percent of Stan's business is based on referral ... and much more!

To connect with Stan:

To Your Speaking Success,

~ Kevin

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Paula C Snyder
Paula C Snyder
21 בפבר׳ 2020

I love this idea! Thanks, Kevin, for helping us get a bigger picture. Thanks, Stan, for sharing your story.

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