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"$peaker Talk" with Tom Triumph | TEDx selection and preparation

"$peaker Talk" is an interview series where I have conversations with other professional speakers on insights of the speaking business. In these short videos, you'll take away extraordinary lessons and tips to apply in your own professional speaking. Our goal is to help you grow your speaking business!


In my conversation with 'The' Tom Triumph (TTT), we focus on how he was recently selected to be a TEDx speaker. He'll share insights how he was selected, how he prepared for his talk, what happened on the stage he didn't expect, and advice for pursuing TEDx speaking opportunities.

If you're serious about becoming a professional speaker and treating your speaking like a true business, then learning how to become a speaker on the TEDx stage is crucial - as long as you want to speak for the right reasons.

Not having a TEDx talk with keep you tethered to the launchpad. I'm hopeful that by listening to Tom's advice, you'll glean simple, beginning strategies to help you cut the cords and launch yourself into speaking.

Here are some of the highlights from my conversation with Tom: * How Tom got selected to be a TEDx speaker * The difference between TED and TEDx * How to sort through TEDx events and find the right one * The different ways TEDx event organizers select speakers * How to ensure your TEDx application stands out and gets selected * Tom's preparation process for his TEDx talk * How Tom handled glitches on the stage that were beyond his control * What Tom would have done differently * How Tom's TEDx talk has impacted his speaking ... and much more! (click below to watch!)

... and to watch Tom's TEDx talk

To connect with Tom:

TEDx speaker coaching is available. As a TEDx speaker, former Curator of TEDxRaleigh and a Speaker Coach for many TEDx events, I have the experience to help you not only get on the TEDx stage, but prepare 'professionally' for what will likely be one of the most important talks of your life.

Reach out to me to explore my 'TEDx Speaker Coaching' program.

To Your Speaking Success,

~ Kevin


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