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[Announcement] Ultimate Speaker Package with demo video, website, marketing, book publishing++

A great speech is an expectation. It's the other details that help run a speaking business.

Whether you're hoping to just get started in earning PAID speaking engagements or you are finally ready to take your speaking business to the next level, you must have a professional website, demo video, marketing packet AND a book in order to have a successful speaking business.

There's absolutely no debate about this. I've been speaking professionally for 20 years and have worked with hundreds of speaker bureaus, agencies, meeting planners and executives who book speakers.

Meeting planners who pay speakers $3,500 - $10,000 per speech will never even consider speakers who do not have a professional speaker website and demo video, at minimum. Add in a great marketing packet and author credibility, you have a much better shot at getting selected!

If you're committed to growing a speaking business and don't have website, demo, a marketing packet or book, let me help. If you desire to be sought after and constantly PAID to $PEAK, I can help. I am offering my hand and support.

Or perhaps you already have a website or a demo video, but they aren't professional speaker quality or they need some serious updating?

Since you'll be considered against numerous other speakers, in order to WIN the speaking contract, you need to have top notch, professional material representing and showcasing you.

Not only can I help you, but I can ensure your website, demo video, marketing packet and book are completed efficiently, professionally and more affordably than you shopping around on your own.

Here's how... over the past several months I have been working with my designers, videographers and publishers that do my own work to create 3 different "One-Stop-Shop" packages that provide you with a speaker website, demo video, marketing packet and even a published book!

My designers and videographers have agreed to offer incredible rates only to the speakers I work with and personally refer to them - i.e. you.


What's it costing you NOT having a professional website, demo video, marketing packet and book?


Likely thousands ... each week! Not having this information is most certainly limiting your speaking engagements and holding you back from either starting successfully or breaking through to the next level.

The reality is that meeting planners and conference organizers are looking for speakers on a daily basis, so it's costing you thousands each week.Your first major speaking engagement could pay for the entire speaker package I am offering you!

Again, I've been speaking professionally for 20 years at over 1,150 organizations in all 50 states and several countries. Any of the conference organizers, speaker bureaus, agencies, and executives who booked me to speak "checked me out" before signing a speaking contract.  

Even if I referred you to them, first thing they would ask to see is your website and demo video. Within 15 seconds of reviewing your video and demo, they will have already made a decision to either (a) learn more about you OR (b) stop watching.

Unfortunately for most speakers, they never even get in the door of consideration because they don't have what meeting planners and conference organizers need to book them.

You don't need a professional website to speak,but you need one to get PAID.

You don't need a professional demo video to speak,but you need one to get PAID.

You don't need a speaker packet to speak,but you need one to get PAID.

You don't need a book to speak,but you need one ... to get PAID well!

Learn more about the package details, differences and pricing by clicking the button above and visiting my website.

I'll be working with you each step of the way and I'll help project manage all the details. Of course you'll still need to champion the work, but you'll have me as your guide, coach, cheerleader and support. 

Nothing like this existed when I first started speaking. In fact, nothing like this existed until just now!!

If you're serious, committed and willing to make an investment in yourself, I'll make an investment in you.

Summer spots will be limited and I will be scheduling Fall clients in the next 2 weeks if now is not a good time for you. I'd recommend you reserve your spot NOW!

To Your Speaking Success,


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