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Equipment List and 3 Budget Options for Setting Up a Virtual Studio (for speakers)

Click here to download my entire equipment list used in setting up my virtual studio.

I have created 3 different options for setting up a virtual studio based on your budget.

My first speaking coach once said to me:

"Kevin, there are 3 types of people:

(1) people who make things happen,

(2) people who watch things happen, or

(3) people who wonder, what the "h@$% just happened?!"

His comment woke me up at a time when I needed it. I was getting complacent and I wasn't pushing myself.

Which type of person do you feel like right now? What about the past 6 months?

Every single day I push myself to move forward. 2020 has been extremely difficult, but it's my attitude which will impact my outcome more than anything else.

I watched things happen the first month of the pandemic because I wanted to observe and explore what the h@$% to do with my speaking business. Once I observed enough, it was time to take action.

And the clear action for me was building my home virtual studio.

Since then, my speaking business has already rebounded and I'm receiving inquiries for virtual presentations I would not have had without the studio.

So the silver lining is that this year's adversity has pushed me to differentiate my business in ways I would not have had otherwise.

Wherever you are at in your speaking, you can move forward. It might feel overwhelming and intimidating, but you can push through that internal mindset.

Just like I did, you must push yourself to move forward, because no one can do it for you.

If you do not have your virtual studio in order, then it's time to step it up, respectfully.

The equipment list I've put together for you outlines my recommendations for what you will need based on 3 different budgets. Option 1 is for a budget < $1,000! So folks, the only excuses moving forward are the ones you believe in.

Push yourself through them. It's up to you.

Aerate your mind and plant new seeds so your speaking business can grow next year.

I have watched dozens of professional speakers present virtually yet still not having any type of professional studio. It shocks me. It disappoints me too. Many are even talking about how important it is to be proactive for change - yet they haven't changed a bit in how they are delivering their message.

Virtual is the new stage. Do you have one?

To be blunt, if you're serious about building and/or growing a successful speaking business, you're going to have to embrace the virtual reality.

A speaker sitting down in front of a bookshelf or white wall with earphones is NOT professional and it would make a meeting planner very unhappy. It also won't generate future speaking business.

An entire presentation of a speaker screen sharing with a tiny video file of them in the top right corner is NOT professional. It also won't generate future speaking business for them.

Friends, let me help. With a small investment you can appear professional before you even speak. You can set yourself apart and stand out to get the speaking engagement with a home virtual studio.

And any investment you make should immediately pay for itself - mine did x ### already!

Friends, don't let virtual intimidate you. It's simply a learning curve you can push through.

I can help ... download my equipment list and then reach out to me when you're ready to take the next step.

I pushed through. My wife helped me. My mastermind group helped me. My own speaker coach and mentor helped me.

I had no clue how to set up a virtual studio when I first started. I didn't know how to run a Zoom meeting, I didn't know what DSLR even stood for, and I didn't have any experience with multi-camera angle switchers.

All I knew was I needed to do something in order to keep my speaking business afloat ... Once I had my vision, I worked backwards to figure it out.

To Your Speaking Success,


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