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How she landed a $10K speaking contract

I received this text just yesterday from one of my rockstar coaching clients:

"I landed the 3rd option! Thank you Kevin!"

I was just as excited as she was! She landed a $10,000 speaking contract by executing the PAID to SPEAK strategy outlined in my book. Her result is ROI proof that the system works!

What is "Option 3" you ask?

... read the book!

But conceptually, "Option 3" includes a variety of additional services (i.e. speaker value) beyond just speaking outlined in a client proposal. If "Option 3" were a car, it would be the luxury model, not the standard or sport edition.

In the case of my coaching client, "Option 3" included her speaking fee, an additional onsite presentation, some books, a follow-up conference call, and a few other value-added items ... it's that simple.

But there's a lot to go into this decision of what services to offer in Option 1, 2, and 3 ... and how much to charge for each. To determine this, you need to be very strategic.

Bottom line, if you only offer a base speaking fee, you're only going to get a base speaking fee! If you don't offer a luxury car edition, it's impossible to sell one!

"If you only offer a base speaking fee, you're only going to get a base speaking fee!"

This is especially important when you are being considered against other speakers. Offering "Option 3" differentiates you and it shows you can add significantly more value than other speakers being considered.

If anything else, even if they go with "Option 1," offering "Option 2" and "Option 3" often gets you the gig!! See how this works?

Running a speaking business is strategic. You have to be 2 steps ahead of your potential customer. Many times, you have to give them ideas on how to book you.

And when they decide they want you, they'll find a way to afford you.

However, to have "Option 3" you must also have "Option 1" and "Option 2."

Contact me for help on this. I'll help you put an EXTRA ZERO behind your next speaking contract.


When a speaking inquiry comes to a speaker, a proposal should be sent in reply that outlines the terms, conditions, pricing, and services being agreed upon.

I often reply with a general proposal that does not include any pricing. Instead, it outlines the 3 options (or tiers) that the client can utilize my services. This whets their appetite and gives them ideas for how to book me and utilize me for their event/company.

It's also part of my strategy for getting the prospective client on the phone. Once I have them on the phone, I follow my phone script to ensure a great discussion, get their budget amount, and to ensure I get further information needed to customize the proposal for them with specific money figures.

My goal is for them to review the customized proposal and think, "WOW, Kevin is perfect for our .....!"

Of course I am! :) Plus, my proposal is customized because they told me how to customize it!

This strategy is GOLD for me ... and it should be GOLD for you too. Applying this strategy should help you land a $10,000 speaking contract too.

So after reading this post, your Call to Action is quite simple ... develop a tiered speaker proposal.

If you still have no idea what this should look like, then contact me and I'll review yours.

My book, PAID to SPEAK, also has a proposal template in addition to a contract and invoice template.

** Oh, and catch this ... BONUS! The meeting planner found my coaching client through a search on LinkedIn! If you think social media is a waste of time, you're wasting your time thinking it isn't!! Here's a full blog I wrote sharing an example of how LinkedIn landed me one of my largest speaking contracts ever.

"Give meeting planners ideas on how to book you!"

~ Kevin Snyder


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