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Extraordinary takeaways from NSA Carolinas with Lois Creamer

There are several ways I keep my "speaking business" saw sharp.

One is be reading (and listening to) books, especially those written by other speakers and speaker coaches.

Although I feel my speaking and speaker coaching is pretty sharp, the moment I become complacent and stop improving is the moment my speaking and coaching business will begin to suffer.

Complacency is not only a business killer, it's a dream killer too.

Another way I keep my saw sharp is by attending events, such as the National Speakers Association (NSA), where other like-minded speakers are present. Not only do I always learn a few nuggets, but's motivating as heck being around other speakers.

Recently, I had the extraordinary pleasure of combing both by attending an NSA meeting where the featured presenter was Lois Creamer, author of "Book More Business."

If you weren't there, you really missed out, so I'm going to share with you a few of the extraordinary takeaways from the full day event. I took several pages of notes, so clearly, you're getting some of the talking point concepts from 10,000 feet.

* A speaking business is 2 words ... "speaking" and "business."

* You are not a speaker. You are a purveyor of intellectual property.

* Your brand reminds people what it is that you do.

* Why would anyone pay you to tell your story?

* Meeting planners and executives who book speakers aren't interested in what you do. They are interested in what you can do for them.

* Testimonials are the proof of what you say you do.

* P.S.A. (Point. Story. Application.)

* If you're going to quote someone, add your own thought afterward. Give it meaning for you.

* If you're not comfortable talking about what you're worth, no one else will be either.

* Think of your speaking fee and your business as a commodity.

* "Aftercare" ... how do I further engage with this client after the event?

* The 3 M's: meeting date, money, motive.

* And lastly, and probably most importantly, develop a positioning statement. This is defined as the concept or outcome of working with you as a speaker. Your positioning statement is the foundation of your business.

Thank you Lois!

Fabulous presentation at NSA Carolinas!


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