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How to Record Your Own Audiobook! (3-part series)

When I started writing a blog about how to create an audiobook, I intended for it to be just one short article.

I didn't expect it to grow into a massive 3-part series that would take me about 5 hours to write in total.

As you'll read though through Parts I - III, several things happened even while I was writing the blog that inspired me to write in much more detail for you.

* Several people reached out to me about helping them with their audiobook * My speaking fee doubled on one specific speaking engagement solely because an executive listened to my audiobook * I overheard people complaining at a coffee shop about how expensive and difficult it was to make an audiobook (maybe for them b/c they didn't do it correctly!) So look, if you're serious about becoming a professional speaker, at some point you're going to need to publish a book. Most speakers have several.

And as you are writing that first book, you realize you have many more books inside you ...

Once you have a book in print or an e-book, then you've already done the majority of the work to make it an audiobook.

Writing a book and converting it to an audiobook shouldn't be that difficult "if" you follow tips and guidance from people who have paved the way before you. I'm here to help. Once you review this 3-part series, reach out to explore how to make your audiobook a reality!

* Even if you have no current interest in publishing a book or creating an audiobook, I'd keep these links for future reference. You won't need them until you need them!

To your writing and speaking success!

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