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[Virtual Studio Consults Available] Setting up your virtual studio 🔥

One of my largest presentations (both in audience size and in speaking fee), was just last week ... and of course VIRTUAL.

Interestingly, having some sort of virtual studio will likely catapult your speaking business this year for two reasons ...   (1) because it's the method in which events and trainings are being delivered   (2) because most speakers still have not done much different in 8 months. This really baffles me. I receive dozens of emails each week from speakers at various levels, and not having a virtual set up is the #1 reason right now most are struggling.  And 2 weeks later they still aren't doing anything different. The solution is quite simple. Having any type of professional set up will differentiate you more than anything else right now - including your actual speaking!! If an organization is going to hire you for speaking, they will expect you to present virtually.  If another speaker has the virtual set up better than you, they'll earn the contract - even if they aren't that great of a speaker.  So that next $2,500 speaking engagement is reliant upon what you do next. In-person events of course will return, but not in the near future.  And even when they do, the virtual element will remain.

So how is your virtual studio? Are you working on your virtual delivery?

If either or above need work, then so does your speaking business.  Now is your time. Not next week.  Not in December.  NOW. As I shared in last week's post (click here), you can set up a basic, budget-friendly virtual studio for less than $1,000!  Granted, you'll need to build into Option #2 and #3, but for starters begin with Option #1 if you're on a budget.

If you're willing to invest in your business, leapfrog into Option #2 or #3 because it'll differentiate you night and day.  Your speaking business will thank you and your first speaking engagement will pay for itself.   My first speaking engagement back in July paid for my entire studio investment.  You should be no different. If you're feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the thought of presenting virtually or setting up a home virtual studio, I'm here to help.  Reach out for a FREE consult (click here for more info) to explore how I can help you.

When I made the decision to get my virtual act together, I immediately started asking for help.

Then I hired a coach who helped me through my learning curve.

I still made lots of mistakes and I'm willing to help you avoid the time-costly and financial-costly mistakes I made!! Don't be like most speakers and do nothing.  That won't work. The only way to push through inaction is to ACT.  Because Action Changes Things. Treat your speaking like a business by taking advantage of my "Virtual Studio Equipment list with Budget Options" guide and then setting up a time to chat with me.  Again, reach out for a FREE consult (click here). What took me one month to figure out will help figure it out in one weekend!!

For readers of my book, PAID to $PEAK, I offer a complimentary 1:1 Strategy Session once you complete the book. Click here to schedule your session if you have a copy of the book.

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