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[Free Download] How to set up your virtual studio for less than $1,000 🔥

"I hate virtual. My speaking business is shot.

My style of speaking just won't work virtually.

I need an in-person audience."

Above was the junk I kept telling myself throughout March and April this year.  These were the nicer of my internal, toxic-head-trash conversations I'm sharing with you.

Think this was a productive line of thinking?

Heck to the no.  This thinking was not only self-destructive, it was destructing my business, my relationship with my wife, and my happiness.

Luckily my wife helped me get my virtual act together. She reminded me I had already been through tougher times before ... and my success rate was 100%.

I had battled through depression in my teens, an arrest, home foreclosure, bankruptcy, being laid off, and nearly dying on a boat explosion and another on a motorcycle.  

March and April were "processing months" for me.  I needed that time to figure some things out, put things in perspective and make important decisions on whether I was going to move forward or wallow in self-pity blaming the virus.

After watching dozens - if not hundreds - of free webinars, trainings and Zoom events, I had an awakening.

I was watching CRAP and knew I could do better!  I was observing boring presentation after boring presentation with screen share, crappy sound and a bookshelf background from someone sitting down.  I had Zoom fatigue watching them before I ever did my first Zoom presentation!

I knew I had to be different if I was going to have any type of speaking business. At the time, I had events being canceled where they were asking for the deposit check back!

So I made the decision to invest in a virtual studio when I had no clue how to design one or what exact equipment I needed.  I worked backward from the vision.

And if I have a vision for something, you better watch out.  It's only a matter of time before I figure it out.  My grit and persistence ratio is a solid 11/10 when I have laser focus.

I am not a "tecchy" guy ... still am not.  But if you've watched any of my videos, using a switcher with multi-camera angles, you might think otherwise.  I just powered through the learning curve, made a ton of mistakes, asked lots of questions, hired a tech coach, and started practicing the H*&CK out of virtual presentations.

I still have a learning curve to power through.  I still miss live audiences.  I still have work to do.

But the difference between me and most speakers is that I'm working it virtually.  And daily. 

Surprisingly, most speakers haven't done much different in 8 months.  It's like they are waiting for "normal" to come back. 

Well, I hope Home Depot is hiring. 

Look, I got to a point when I realized I could not blame the virus or the circumstances which were beyond my control.  That stands against everything I speak about!

In just a few 'long' months, here I am now with my speaking business back up and running and every single engagement I have is a direct result of my virtual studio.

It's not about me.  It's about my decision to step it up and get my virtual act together.

What about you?  Feel good about your virtual delivery or are you blaming the virus like I did, hoping and waiting for in-person events to come back soon?

Folks, regardless of who wins this election, in-person conferences and trainings are still far away and virtual is here to stay in some way, regardless.  Meeting planners know that it's one thing to plan an event; it's another to get people to show up for it.

So if YOU are serious about speaking, I would 'assume' you understand that in order to be selected as a paid speaker right now, you need to have a virtual delivery.  You need to have a virtual studio showcasing you as a great virtual presenter.  Otherwise they will hire someone else who does.

Virtual delivery = virtual set up.  Virtual set up = some type of virtual studio.  The better your virtual studio = the more you can charge for your virtual speaking.

See the cycle?  Any investment you make in your studio is an investment in your business.  It's also an investment in yourself.  It's also a tax-deduction!

I have a gift for you.  #YouAreWelcome

For one of my coaching clients, I created a 3-tiered equipment list for setting up a virtual studio.  Option #1 can be achieved in less than $1,000.  

I hired a coach earlier this year to help me finally figure it out.  I was tired of making mistakes.  Tired of buying equipment that I either didn't need or didn't work.  I was exhausted trying to do it on my own, spending hours upon hours yet still not feeling like I made any progress.  Then I hired my coach who solved all my issues in a few short hours.  After reviewing the equipment list above, contact me to explore a customized coaching program to help you set up your virtual studio. Whether it's a 1-hour consultation or you want me to set up your studio for you, I'm here to help.  Time is money and money is time.  Don't waste it.  Invest it wisely because your next speaking engagement depends on it.

For readers of my book, PAID to $PEAK, I offer a complimentary 1:1 Strategy Session once you complete the book. Click here to schedule your session if you have a copy of the book.

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