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Do you find speaking gigs ... OR do they find YOU?

Question: Do you find speaking gigs ... or do they find you?

Answer: BOTH!

This is one of the most common questions I receive from speakers wanting to get PAID to $PEAK.

Finding speaking gigs is the essence of my book - and specifically Module 3. However, for this short blog, I'm focusing on a few ways how speaking gigs find YOU.

As I am writing this, I'm returning from a speaking engagement that originated from them finding me online through Thumbtack ... and it PAID very well. I also made an extra $1,000 from book sales.

Now, before you rush to create an account on Thumbtack and pay $$$ upfront, be sure to have your speaking materials ready. You'll be compared to many speakers all vying for the same speaking opportunity. Take a look at my profile and compare.

I encourage you to read my blog about "Demo Video Tips" as well as "How She Landed a $10K Speaking Contract!"

Point is though, Thumbtack is one way speaking gigs find you. It's a FREE online platform that you pay a small fee when responding to inquiries.

If you're already on Thumbtack but not getting leads or responses, it's likely because your profile needs work. Remember, you're being compared to several other speakers so your profile must stand out.

Contact me and I will review your profile to provide recommendations for what needs improvement. Your next 4 and 5-figure speaking gig will depend on it!

Another way speaking gigs find you is through Gig Salad. With Gig Salad you pay an annual fee and all inquiries/responses are free.

Last year, I received my largest speaking contract ever through Gig Salad. I don't receive near as many inquiries through Gig Salad as Thumbtack, but they tend to be deeper pocket speaking opportunities for some reason.

Like Thumbtack, your Gig Salad profile is being compared to others, so compare yours to mine if you like and take notes.

One more way speaking gigs find you is through Google Alerts. I have made over $50K in speaking through Google Alerts - mostly in the past 2 years.

Most speakers either don't know about Google Alerts or they don't have them set up the correct way ... it baffles me.

In my book, PAID to SPEAK, I have an entire section on Google Alerts.

So what's it costing you NOT being on Thumbtack, Gig Salad, and having Google Alerts?

There are many other ways speaking gigs find YOU ... but these 3 above are what I recommend to my coaching clients to start.

For anyone out there who has heard these 3 don't work or they are a waste of time, then be careful about the advice you take. You need to read my last blog which shatters the common assumptions most speakers make.

I'm here to help you if you're serious about making more money in your speaking business. Contact me for a Speaker Assessment or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

"Having gigs find YOU is a crucial aspect of your speaking business."

~ Kevin Snyder


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