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My busiest speaking month ever is next month!

Humbled to have more engagements next month than in any previous May in my speaking history. There's more than what you see on the list below.

But catch this ... most of these engagements were not even on my calendar until just a month or two ago!

I hope this inspires you to think about how productive your upcoming Fall calendar could be.

Just yesterday though some overwhelm started to creep on me as I was finalizing preparation. Not only is it going to be a busy month, but I foresee several of the groups I am speaking being tough audiences.

Although it took some reflection and focus, I was able to tag gratitude into the ring and body slam the anxiety that was forming inside my mind.

I worked da*mn hard for these engagements and I should be proud, right?! :) #Yup.

But now I gotta deliver on them.

Several reasons why my May speaking calendar might have value for you ...

1. Earning these engagements was not easy and overnight. I worked every single one them silently and diligently behind the scenes by applying my PAID to $PEAK process. They didn't just happen.

2. Most of these engagements were not even on my calendar until just a month or two ago!

3. I don't write how busy my May is to impress you; rather, to impress upon you that your Fall speaking calendar could look like this if you wanted to. Your speaking calendar next May could look like this too.

If you read the preface inside PAID to $PEAK then you know I had ZERO speaking engagements when I first started speaking until I got focused and executed a strategy that my own coach taught me. Within 6 months I had 11 keynotes lined up and the following year a 6-figure speaking business.

  • Is having more speaking engagements on your calendar truly what you want?

  • If so, how committed are you to make it happen?

  • Are you honestly willing to sacrifice something for something better?

4. I sincerely believe anyone who is committed, follows a proven roadmap and gets coaching support can achieve similar outcomes ... perhaps even better results than how my May speaking calendar might look!

5. If you're in one of my coaching programs, look at my calendar because you are invited to join me behind the scenes for one of these events!

6. My process for earning speaking engagements is what I lay out for you in PAID to $PEAK ... and you have it at your finger tips!

So where did these engagements come from?

Well, in short ... many different ways. Whether it's through speaking or something else in life, I don't believe there's ever just one way to do something.

However, when a certain way works why would someone else not follow it?!

What I did was apply what I outline for you and teach in Modules 3 and 4 of PAID to $PEAK.

So let me break it down 2 ways most of these engagements manifested onto my speaking calendar:

1. Association outreach

I focused on 3 associations last December and executed a targeted email campaign. Then I followed up in January. This is Module 3 of PAID to $PEAK. Remember, they don't need a speaker until they need a speaker! And state associations are always seeking speakers for events and they are replicable in most states across the country.

2. Referral

Roughly 1/2 of these engagements on my speaking calendar came from someone who saw me speak recently or heard about me through someone who did.

I believe that when a speech is good enough, it will be referred. So whether or not you speak pro bono, discount your fee or get PAID your full fee, every time you speak should be lead generation for more speaking ... "if" your speech is good enough, respectfully.

This is why $$$ and time invested on good marketing will never supersede a bad speech ... or to make it sound a bit nicer, expensive marketing for a speech that's not ready will lead to frustration.

Of course someone who does marketing will never tell you that. I heard Mark Cuban say on Shark Tank one time that "Marketers are paid to prove their worth by spending someone else's money."

True and true! Your money. Well in speaking, good marketing can't help a bad speech! This is why Module 2 in PAID to $PEAK is so important because your speech is your product.

I hope what I have shared here inspires you to realize your Fall speaking calendar is absolutely determined by what you decide today --- literally.

Because if what I've written above does not motivate you about your future speaking potential, then I'm not really sure what will.

My speaker coaching gets speakers PAID in their speaking.

This is why I guarantee a $2,500 speaking engagement to everyone in the 5-Week Challenge ... which starts on May 1st!

You can still enroll in the 5-Week Challenge.

Although we had our Orientation last week, it's not too late for you to enroll in our first official session.

But you gotta take action by Tuesday at midnight, because you're not going to have time to prepare for May 1st after that.

This is your moment and opportunity to stop talking about speaking and start getting PAID to $PEAK consistently. Learn about the 5-Week Challenge here

If speaking just feels overwhelming or if you feel all over the place, it's only because you don't have the systems in place yet or the support needed.

This is only a learning curve!!If you are trying to learn this all on your own, you will get flustered and self-doubt and frustration will consume you. This is why so many speakers quit.

Enroll in the 5-Week Challenge so I can help you find F.O.C.U.S and feel READY.

To help you earn the speaking fees you deserve, I am re-launching a few programs to ensure 2023 is your breakout year in speaking:

  • Speaker Mastermind Group (join any time)

  • PAID to $PEAK 5-Week Challenge (starts May 1)

  • PAID to $PEAK Online Course (available now On Demand)

The PAID to $PEAK 5-Week Challenge cohort starts May 1 and it provides a $2,500 speaking engagement GUARANTEE!

The Speaker Mastermind Group and Online Course are both on-going support. You can sign up at any time.

I've presented for over 20 years and have been honored to keynote and facilitate trainings for 1,000,000 people through 1,150 audiences in all 50 states and several countries.

Don't make the same mistakes I did! My PAID to $PEAK coaching and programs are intended to help you avoid the mistakes I have already made AND accelerate your own speaking success from any level.


Want to speak professionally, part-time or full-time?

Not getting PAID speaking engagements?

I've been honored to present for over 1,000,000 people through 1,150+ audiences in all 50 states and several countries. Whether I'm on a stage or in a training room with professionals or students, I absolutely LOVE motivating and inspiring people for higher performance. And in addition to my own speaking business, I have a passion for helping and coaching speakers learn how to catapult their speaking whether part-time or full-time. My book, PAID to SPEAK, outlines a proven model for speakers and is now an online course as well! Click here for online course info!

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, explore my coaching and mentorship options. I don't want you to flounder like I did and be frustrated.


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