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Part II. Offering a welcome video to boost your speaking business

This PAID to SPEAK Speaking Tip will focus on how providing a welcome video for a specific upcoming event will impact your speaking business. It should also motivate you to create one!

"If you don't at least offer providing a welcome video, you're not only leaving money - potentially thousands - on the table, but more importantly, you're leaving the gig on the table too." ~ Kevin

One reason my speaking business took off a few years ago was because I started front-loading extra value onto my speaking proposals.

Meaning, I started offering more services than just the speech by providing three levels of value in a tiered proposal. If you have a copy of my book, PAID to SPEAK, then you have access to what this proposal looks like - and it's in Module 4!

Examples of extra value include presenting an additional presentation, full day availability, Q & A reception, offering various quantities of books, agreeing to a book signing reception, providing a free download day for my eBook on Amazon, customizing the book for that client, sharing the presentation slide deck afterwards, providing coaching calls, recording a welcome video for their event ... and more!

Having a welcome video has worked wonders not just for me getting more bookings and beating out the competition, but also getting higher fees and increased exposure leading to even more referrals.

My most recent welcome video is below. As you'll see, it's a short and sweet teaser for the upcoming event. I provide them with a url link (Youtube) as well as the embed code so they can add it directly to their website, email newsletter, etc.

Reasons to have a welcome video:

1. You're adding an additional service they will appreciate - i.e. front loading value,

2. Most speakers don't have one, so you're differentiating yourself,

3. If done properly, it adds perception to your speaker professionalism,

4. People watch video now more than anything else,

5. As a result of #4, this increases your exposure to hundreds if not thousands of people in that company or association and beyond,

6. It makes the client freaking happy,

7. Because of #1-6, you can add it to you tier #1 or #2 speaking fee which means you're earning a higher fee.

And BONUS, whether they go with a higher tier or not that includes the video, you still provide the video because of #6 above. You always want to over-deliver.

I edit my own videos through Adobe Premiere Pro. I created a template and just plug in the raw video. There's other editing software you can use, i.e. Final Cut Pro, but the guy who trained me (in 2 hours!) used Premiere so I followed his guidance.

If you're recording video on your own, you need the right equipment (camera, audio, backdrop of green screen, lighting, and teleprompter - if needed).

If you don't want to do this on your own, then you'll need a videography company. They can record you and also edit. If you end up paying for the video, you might want to only include it as a tier #3 option. Reach out to me for a company recommendation.

Contact me for questions about making a welcome video ... if you don't at least offer one, you're not only leaving money - potentially thousands - on the table, but more importantly, you're leaving the gig on the table too.


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